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Challenge your skills in the booming online gambling sector: casino, sportsbook and gaming jobs for digital innovators.

Those who work in iGaming understand the unique buzz of this vibrant industry. Online gambling is constantly evolving and is both highly competitive and endlessly creative. Design games, plan strategies, build software, analyse data, devise marketing campaigns, sell services – there’s a lifetime’s worth of career potential.

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Pentasia has long-standing relationships with the world’s biggest online gaming and gambling brands. If you’re looking for work in iGaming, we’re your first call. Our gaming clients can be found across Europe and worldwide, so there’s always ample opportunity.

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Understanding how the iGaming sector is growing allows you to find your place within the industry. Emerging markets and changing regulation has big implications for career professionals. By joining our network, you’ll keep on top of what you need to know.

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Gaming & Gambling jobs