IA Strategy Manager.

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IA Strategy Manager

Posted 25 days ago
70-75K €Job Reference: 35993

We are seeking a dynamic individual to lead our AI initiatives within our iGaming sector, working closely with our leadership team and reporting directly to our Chief Technology Officer. In this pivotal role, you will drive the integration of artificial intelligence to boost efficiency, minimize expenses, and sustain our competitive advantage.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Spearhead the formulation and execution of AI strategies to optimize gaming operations, elevate player engagement, and promote responsible gaming practices.
  • Harness cloud platforms, with a focus on AWS, to deploy and expand AI solutions effectively.
  • Collaborate with our technology unit to enhance productivity through AI-powered tools, encompassing game analytics, customer experience enhancement, and fraud prevention.
  • Engage with various departments to enhance existing tools and systems with AI innovations, thereby amplifying efficiency and player contentment.
  • Employ AI to scrutinize player data, facilitating personalized gaming experiences, refining game recommendation algorithms, and fortifying responsible gaming protocols.
  • Develop and refine Large Language Models for diverse applications, including customer service chatbots and predictive gaming trends analysis.
  • Stay updated on the latest AI breakthroughs and technologies, creatively integrating them to enrich game design, player engagement, and backend infrastructure.
  • Continuously explore and assess new AI methodologies and tools, ensuring our organization maintains its technological leadership in the gaming domain.
  • Provide strategic AI counsel to our leadership, emphasizing compliance with gaming regulations, player data protection, and ethical AI utilization.

Desired experience & skillset: 

  • Experience constructing and training Large Language Models.
  • Thorough understanding of AI and machine learning principles.
  • Ability to oversee data security and maintain confidentiality.
  • Aptitude for teamwork, communication, and leadership.