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Game-Changing Talent Solutions For iGaming Businesses

Our “Total Talent Solutions” offer a revolutionary approach to growth

Pentasia’s “Total Talent Solutions” – including powerful RPO services - are a genuine game-changer for iGaming and payments employers. Think big. Think fast. Think powerful. Pentasia’s world-class suite of services go far beyond traditional contingent recruitment. Pentasia enterprise recruitment clients typically engage when they have a defined project requirement, or a large-scale recruitment challenge. We enable you to scale at a pace while guaranteeing quality.

What We Deliver

Ready-Made Teams

Some of our most popular services, providing you rapid access to fully-operational teams. Including:

Turnkey Scalable Teams

We fly in a ‘ready-made’ specialist team for a set period of time who are able to get straight to work.

Built, Operate, Transfer (BOT)

We’ll build the team you need, operate their first few months or years, then transfer into your workforce.

Enterprise Recruitment

You can outsource a little, a lot or all of your recruitment and talent management to Pentasia.

Project Recruitment Services (PRS)

Ringfenced recruitment projects. Tactical, time-specific and clearly targeted – ideal for meeting a specific business requirement.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

A deeper level of outsourcing where Pentasia become a strategic partner to your business.

Total Talent Management (TTM)

Taking outsourcing to the maximum, with a full recruitment and talent service provided for you by Pentasia.

Contractor Workforce Management

Burden-free hiring, with “off-payroll workers” charged to you by the hour or day.