Talent Market Update: Affiliate.

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Talent Market Update: Affiliate

July 4, 2023

Chrysavgi Patera

Snapshot: Now is the time to be hiring for affiliates, as highly skilled and specialised talent are entering the market seeking better conditions.

·        Sourcing top quality talent is becoming easier as affiliates continue to enter the market. This trend started with layoffs earlier in the year, and have continued as salaries for new roles are increasing.

·        Companies can pick and choose candidates – professionals that have experience in affiliate relations, performance marketing, campaign optimisation, and data analysis are the ones having the most success.

·        Startups are pushing hard for affiliates with a clear step up the career ladder, offering Head of Affiliate positions with the pathway to Affiliate Director, on top of the chance to build the affiliate team around them.

·        Market conditions mean that employers want to guarantee their return on investment. Bilingual candidates and those with established networks in various locations are highly coveted as it verifies their ability to drive traffic and increase revenue streams.

·        In terms of location, hybrid roles are the norm. However, as the majority of affiliates prefer a remote work model, companies are flexible and consider the option of a fully remote position for the right candidate.

·        Salaries are rising, but packages vary. Lower base salaries come with higher bonuses, which may be fixed, or based on company or individual performance. Higher base salaries will come with lower performance bonuses. Companies are happy to discuss different packages based on candidates’ needs due to the increased competition in the market.

·        Concerns exist on both sides though. Companies may find affiliate marketers unable to deliver on their promises in the market, whilst affiliates are wary of their brand reputation if they have issues delivering in their new role.

Key Takeaway: Affiliates are seeking fresh challenges along with a bump in salary and bonuses. A healthy company culture with remote and flexible working will attract quality candidates that were previously unavailable.