Jobs Explained: Data Engineer.

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Jobs Explained: Data Engineer

March 22, 2021

What is a Data Engineer? How much do Data Engineers earn? How do you get your first job as a Data Engineer and what’s the long term career potential? In this jobs explained profile we explore everything you need to know about Data Engineer jobs...

What is a Data Engineer?

Data Engineers are a valuable asset to any iGaming company. It’s one thing to have masses of data, quite another to be able to draw meaningful conclusions from it. The role differs from other data roles in that it is more heavily focussed on the data itself, and less communication driven then roles such as Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

Similar roles to Data Engineer

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

What does a Data Engineer do in the iGaming industry?

In the iGaming industry a Data Engineer a data engineer transforms data into a useful format for analysis. App and game online systems generate huge amounts of data, that must be ordered via a pipeline to return meaningful data from which a data scientist or team can draw meaningful conclusions.



  • Opens up a lot of job offers.

  • Plenty of room for exploration.

  • Peaceful work environment.

  • Great salary.

  • Opportunities for growth.

  • Big data tools are still emerging, so can be frustrating to mine, analyse and monitor data properly.

  • This also means an engineer may work very hard and at times fail to get the desired results.

​How much does a Data Engineer make?

  • Junior Data Engineer £25,000 – £40,000

  • Data Engineer £40,000 – £65,000

  • Senior Data Engineer £65,000 – £100,000+

What are a Data Engineers job duties?

  • Ownership of features and code, from inception of ideas to deployment and maintenance.

  • Implement message producers and consumers in various programming  languages following the common patterns and best practices.

  • Design and implement data streaming applications to allow users to explore large set of data near real time.

  • Work autonomously on a well developed product using a great range of different technologies.

What qualifications/skills does a Data Engineer need?

  • Strong SQL/Procedural SQL/Data Warehousing experience.

  • Unix shell scripting experience.

  • Experience working in Agile environment.

  • Strong communication skills with an ability to explain work to other team members.

  • An interest in understanding how the technical task at hand translates into business value.

  • Desirable: experience with one or more of the following languages: Java, Python, R, Javascript.

  • Desirable: experience of data reporting or dashboarding platforms such as Tableau or Cognos.

How do I get a job as a Data Engineer?

Becoming a Data Engineer in the iGaming industry requires a strong background in IT relevant to working with big data, with iGaming experience a big bonus. You will find Data Engineer jobs advertised online, including entry, junior and senior positions. Be sure to include all relevant qualifications and experience when writing your CV - and don’t forget to send us a copy too, as we often have exclusive and unadvertised Data Engineer jobs.