How To Master Managerial Skills.

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How To Master Managerial Skills

June 1, 2021

​​Managerial skills are critical in keeping your team feeling happy, valued and motivated.

According to GoRemotely only 2.6% of management are highly engaged, showing a desperate need to prioritise management skills.

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Here are our top tips to master management skills:

1.       Prioritise interpersonal skills to earn the respect of your colleagues. Set aside time to get to know team members on a personal and professional level, through team building or social activities. (Prospects)

2.       Practise your written, verbal and listening skills. Take a think, breathe, speak approach to answering questions, concentrating on the meaning of what you want to communicate. (Virtual Speech)

3.       Learn how to organise effectively. Work on your organizational skills, planning which tasks to give to employees based on individual strengths and weaknesses to enhance productivity. (Harvard Business Review)

4.       Work on your problem solving skills. Concentrate on the details staying calm to maximise innovative thinking when problems arise. Assess the problem, generate alternatives and implement solutions. (Mindtools)

5.       Mentor your team. Managers should also play a supportive role, encouraging and educating team members, drawing upon a repertoire of experience, knowledge and skills. (EBSCO)

Key Takeaway

Prioritise interpersonal skills to earn your teams respect in addition to written, verbal and listening skills. Work on your problem solving skills and in particular learn how to boost team productivity through appropriate delegation. Finally, keep mentoring your team, so they can benefit from your experience and advance in their own career paths.