Talent Market Update: Professional Services.

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Talent Market Update: Professional Services

June 12, 2023

Market Snapshot: With the rapid growth and global expansion of the sector, attracting the right talent in Professional Services has become increasingly challenging. However, with the right approach it’s possible to overcome these hurdles.

·        Professional services (including legal, compliance, finance and HR roles) are in high demand across the iGaming sector.

·        Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to fill roles as they tend to require very specific experience and candidates with the right aptitude to work in a high-pressure industry.

·        A few years ago iGaming was solely driven by technology. Now it’s tech and regulations. This has created a very demanding environment for compliance, legal and finance teams.

·        As demand has grown, premium pricing for leadership talent has contributed most to wage inflation.

·        Salary rates were inflated by the pandemic with huge demand to support growth and a maturing industry that requires more senior strategic talent.

·        The market does need to stabilise and there must be a consolidation of spend. But that doesn’t help if you need to recruit now, and it’s certainly not advisable to delay recruiting for these critical roles.

·        First and foremost, employers should plan ahead. By anticipating future needs and aligning recruitment strategies accordingly, companies can proactively identify and attract the right professionals.

·        Employers should also budget with contingency in mind.

·        Flexibility of work is another way employers can expand their professional services talent pool. If you can offer flexible work arrangements, companies can tap into a wider talent pool.

·        Ensuring diversity of talent is also a high priority. Across the board we need a wider breadth of experience. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it also unlocks the potential for a more innovative and successful industry.

Key Takeaway: Professional services excellence is critical for driving growth in iGaming. Employers will need to plan ahead and prepare to invest in talent acquisition and retention to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Author: Kerry Gillitt is Head of Practice – Professional Services at Pentasia