Five Reasons Why Working With A Recruiter Will Benefit Your Job Search

January 18, 2023

Job hunting, whether you are looking to move on from your current role or return to work after a break, can be a daunting prospect. Spending hours scouring job boards, updating your CV and waiting on a phone call or email response from one of your many submitted applications can be a painful experience.

Everyone should consider working with a recruiter to ease the burden of job hunting. Recruiters can act as career coaches and provide valuable insights, and tools candidates need to land their dream job. This article will look at five ways recruiters can benefit your job search.

1. They can save you time

It’s a recruiter’s job to match candidates to job opportunities. You probably already know that searching for job opportunities that match your skillset is a time-consuming task. In fact, nearly 60% of job seekers quit online job applications mid-way due to their length and complexity. By working with a recruiter, you can ease your job-hunting workload. Recruiters know what jobs are out there and which candidates are a good fit for those roles. Most of us have other obligations that keep us from devoting time to our job search. Whether it’s working for a current employer or trying to fit our job search around family or study commitments, a recruiter can save you a lot of time.

2. Functions as a career coach

It’s always worth remembering the companies your recruiter matches you with are their clients. Recruiters want candidates who will add value to their client’s organisations. This means that the recruiter will spend time coaching you and providing valuable insights into the company, making you appear more appealing at the interview stage. A recruiter may suggest tweaking your CV or providing interview coaching to help you land your next role.

3. Recruiters want you to get the job

Most recruiters get paid a commission from the hiring company for finding the staff to fill open positions. This commission is often based on the first year’s salary, so it’s in your recruiter’s best interest to not only get you the job but also the highest compensation available. This drive to please their clients can only help your job search.

4. You’ll have access to more opportunities

Not all job opportunities are posted on job boards. Some businesses only post on their own websites, and others rely strictly on recruiters to find candidates. By working with a recruiter, you’ll automatically gain access to a larger pool of available positions than you would by simply searching online.

5. They can help candidates with specialised skills

Specialised job openings require candidates with a specific skill set. Some positions have low numbers of qualified applicants making the right fit hard to find. For example, some iGaming companies have trouble filling software developer positions.

If your skills fall into an industry that requires specialist knowledge or skills, you might consider using a recruiter. This is because recruiters know their clients and their candidates, so they are more likely to find you the perfect position for your unique qualifications.

Working with a recruiter can undoubtedly boost your job search and provide you with some valuable insights you might be missing out on by applying solely through job boards. Recruiters do not charge candidates for their services and instead take a commission from the hiring company. If you want to boost your job search, connect with a recruiter to increase your chances of finding your ideal position.


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