Exit Strategies: The Best Way To Plan To Leave A Job.

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Exit Strategies: The Best Way To Plan To Leave A Job

July 18, 2022

​If you have reached a point in your career where you feel demotivated and want more than your current job offers, you are certainly not alone.

Whether your values no longer align with management, or you crave an opportunity that better utilises your expertise and ultimately brings you more joy, it may well be time to start planning an exit strategy to leave your job the right way and give yourself the best chance of future career happiness.

If you want to leave your job, here are our top 5 exit strategies to improve your future career prospects.

Why is an Exit Strategy Important?

Just up and quitting your job leaves you and your employer in a difficult position. You’ll have no paycheque whilst unemployed and job seeking. For your current employer, having an employee quit can have significant repercussions if that employee holds a business-critical role that no one else can cover.

Leaving a job in a professional manner without burning bridges with valuable connections is critical, especially when you might need to call on your current employer for a reference in the future to land your dream iGaming job.

1. Identify the root cause

If you are ready to quit your job, there is probably one burning reason that has tipped the balance for you. Is it your core role, the management team, company culture, your colleagues or the sector as a whole that no longer works for you?

The cost of replacing an employee is far higher than retaining a good worker, so if you think there is a future for you within your current organisation but within a different department or team, it’s worth having a conversation about it. This is your chance to see if there is an opportunity for a secondment or training and development available to help you take the next step in your career.

However, if you are sure leaving the organisation is the right choice, be clear on whether you are looking for the same type of role again or something different before putting yourself out there.

2. Gather evidence

If you are ready to start contacting recruiters in the iGaming industry, make sure you catalogue your skills and go through your work history to find a few examples of where you have excelled at a project.

Think about times when you have added value or solved an issue. Then, look at the type of role you want next and make sure you tailor your evidence to match their must-have skills. Make sure you add this evidence+- to your CV when sending it out to your dream employer to really stand out.

3. Update your online profiles and quietly contact prospects

Before you switch your LinkedIn profile to actively job seeking and let the world know you are open for business, check out your profile access levels to ensure they are not public to avoid your current colleagues and management team being alerted that you intend to move on.

Alternatively, locating prospective employers and emailing them your CV directly will keep your job hunting activity under the radar.

4.Be Selective

When you are desperate to move on, applying for every job under the sun that matches your profile can be tempting. However; putting yourself forward for roles that don’t excite you or are a bad fit is a waste of your and the recruiter’s time. So instead, focus your energy on finding the right role and improving your skills.

5. Work on your CV weak spots

If you’ve aspirations to move your career forward with another organisation, it’s essential to look at the skills you have that will appeal to them and the areas you need to improve.

If specific jobs interest you, see where there are gaps in your current skill set and plan to upskill yourself to give yourself the best chance of landing those roles in the future.

By having a well-planned exit strategy, you’ll give yourself the best chance of finding a new role that brings you happiness and allows you to reach your potential. You will also save face with your employer by keeping your job search under the radar, allowing you to maintain the connections you have made and uphold professionalism when the time comes to hand in your notice.


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