IGB Pentasia Salary Survey 2019.

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IGB Pentasia Salary Survey 2019

Explore the most comprehensive insight into recruitment trends in the online gaming and gambling sector worldwide.

Looking to check your salary in iGaming? This is the only salary survey you need.

Now in its second year, our salary survey - in partnership with iGaming Business - provides salary benchmarking, industry insight and global talent market analysis for online gambling professionals.  

Read the full survey here: Salary Survey 2019 [via iGaming Business] 

The headline figure for this year’s salary survey is an overall average salary growth of 8.5% year-on-year, an indicator of both increased investment in igaming professionals worldwide and heightened competition for a limited talent pool. 

This increase provides compelling evidence of the value of the talent within igaming, as well as the current buoyancy of the sector and the anticipated future success of the industry worldwide. 

Post-PASPA, demand for strong candidates to fill new roles in the US has certainly had a significant impact on this overall uplift. However, it is worth noting that even without the American influence, the trend would still be strongly upwards. 

Product and commercial roles have seen the biggest year-on-year boost, of 20-25%. This reflects the high level of investment in new product tech, emerging markets and business units. 

Read the full survey to explore the latest talent trends in more depth – including ‘check your worth’ salary tables by job, as well as analysis of key locations and specialisms.

Read Now: Salary Survey 2019

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