David Shuttleworth.

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David Shuttleworth

David Shuttleworth.

Enterprise Solutions Director

I have over 20 years of experience leading talent project teams. I have gained significant experience as a former director of 13 years with a global RPO business, in delivering a wide range of outsourcing projects in a variety of industry sectors including IT, Fintech, Utilities Engineering and Digital Marketing. 

I bring a wealth of knowledge of Contractor Workforce Management to Cohort Teams to ensure our project teams deliver in a controlled, clear and well communicated manner. In my capacity as Enterprise Solutions Director for Pentasia, I work across the Conexus Group to design multifacetted and bespoke Total Talent Solutions for enterprise level clients. 

For Cohort Teams, I assume overall accountablility for Client Success; passionately driving forward our growth by offering clients access to noteworthy expertise combined with delivering tangible value.

In my spare time, I will usually be found being either ‘Dad taxi’ for my two girls or Chief Stick Thrower for my dog, Bonjo!