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Command your portfolio – Technical and strategic product management roles in iGaming and other industries.

Digital products take on a life of their own once launched into the online world. Product managers ensure their ongoing success, managing the strategy, overseeing development and liaising with partners and suppliers. To succeed, you’ll need the technical know-how, excellent communication skills and a passion for your product.

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Pentasia’s clients can be found all over the App Store, Play Store and in every corner of the internet. From social games to business tools, the products they operate are used by millions. We know what makes a great employer, and look to identify the environment you’ll thrive in.

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Becoming a product manager probably wasn’t your childhood dream, but like many, you may have discovered a career you love. Combining your expertise, ambitions and passions in a single role is the dream, but it’s easier said than done. We’ll help you explore the opportunities our there.

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Product Management jobs