Stand Out in Brazil's iGaming Boom: How to Land Your Dream Job.

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Stand Out in Brazil's iGaming Boom: How to Land Your Dream Job

June 18, 2024

The newly regulated Brazilian iGaming market is creating a real buzz in talent acquisition circles. Job opportunities are opening up for international iGaming professionals and local talent alike, with many companies offering above-market-rate salaries to attract top talent from other sectors within Brazil.

If you are thinking about transitioning into the Brazilian iGaming sector, there are several important aspects you need to consider to make a successful shift. Here are some tips to guide you through the process and set you up for success.

10 Steps to Launch Your iGaming Career

1. Understand the Market:

       Research: Read news articles, reports, and market analyses to understand trends and developments in the Brazilian iGaming market.

       Follow Industry Updates: Subscribe to industry publications and news sources that cover the iGaming sector, particularly in Brazil.

       Identify Key Players: Make a list of leading companies in the market and learn about their offerings, customer base, and strategies.

2. Stay Informed About Regulations:

       Read the Laws: Study the legal framework governing the iGaming industry in Brazil, including licensing, compliance, and taxation. A good place to start is the iGB website, click here for articles about iGaming in Brazil.

       Attend Webinars and Events: Identify learning opportunities focused on iGaming regulation to improve your understanding and stay current. Many global events are listed on this website here.

3. Identify Transferable Skills:

       Analyse Your Experience: Reflect on your previous roles and projects to identify skills that are relevant to iGaming, such as eCommerce platforms, customer acquisition, compliance experience or payment technology.

       Showcase Achievements: Highlight accomplishments in your CV and cover letter that demonstrate your ability to excel in a new industry.

4. Gain Knowledge of the Industry:

       Online Courses and Certifications: Take courses on iGaming, gaming technology, or related topics to build your knowledge base. As part of the Conexus Human Capital, we can help you access foundational iGaming and compliance training. Please get in touch for more information.

       Read Articles and Other Digital Content: iGB and other industry digital publications share plenty of content about iGaming in general, as well as specific content about Brazil.

5. Network with Industry Professionals:

       Attend Conferences and Events: Check out the event calendar to identify opportunities to meet iGaming professionals and find out about job openings.

       Engage on LinkedIn: Follow iGaming companies, specialist recruiters like Pentasia, and join industry groups to build your network.

6. Tailor Your CV and Cover Letter:

       Focus on Relevance: Emphasise your relevant skills and experience in your CV and cover letter, demonstrating how they apply to the iGaming industry.

       Customise for Each Role: Adapt your application materials for each specific job, highlighting how your skills align with the role's requirements.

       Highlight Your Brazilian USP: Additionally, focus on your unique selling points as a local candidate. Showcase your knowledge of Brazilian culture, language proficiency, and understanding of the local gaming landscape. Emphasise any previous experience working with Brazilian customers, businesses, or in similar industries, as this can demonstrate your value and alignment with the company's target market.

7. Showcase Your Understanding of Responsible Gaming:

       Research Best Practices: Learn about responsible gaming standards and how they impact the industry.

       Include in Your Application: Mention your understanding of responsible gaming in your application materials and interviews. It’s an important factor globally and especially in Brazil where the unregulated past has impacted the industry’s reputation.

8. Prepare for a Technology-Driven Sector:

       Get Familiar with Platforms: Learn about the technology and platforms commonly used in the iGaming industry.

       Take Online Tutorials: Follow tutorials on gaming platforms, software, and data analytics tools to build your technical knowledge.

9. Stay Open to Entry-Level Roles:

       Be Flexible: Understand that you might need to start in a junior role to gain industry-specific experience.Look for opportunities that can provide hands-on experience and learning in the industry.

10. Show Enthusiasm and Passion:

       Express Your Interest: Communicate your passion for the iGaming industry in your application and interviews.

       Ask Thoughtful Questions: During interviews, ask questions about the company’s future plans and initiatives in the Brazilian market to show your genuine interest.

By following these steps, you can position yourself as a strong candidate for roles in the Brazilian iGaming market and demonstrate your commitment to contributing to the industry. Good luck!

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