Job Explained: VIP Manager.

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Job Explained: VIP Manager

May 22, 2022

What is a VIP Manager? How much do VIP Managers earn? How do you get your first job as a VIP manager, and what’s the long-term career potential? In this job-explained profile, we explore everything you need to know about VIP managers...
What is a VIP Manager? 
VIP Managers are responsible for acquiring and retaining high-value customers for gaming operators. They oversee tailored promotions and deliver the highest level of direct customer care. In today’s highly competitive gaming industry, most merchants know their ‘regulars’ play a crucial role in providing consistent revenue and likely refer business to family and friends. A VIP Manager will ultimately identify potential VIPs and work on high-value programs, liaising with marketing departments to build long-term customer value.

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What does a VIP Manager do in the online gambling sector?
Odds are online gaming operators in sportsbooks, casinos, slots, bingo and poker will have a group of VIP customers that contribute heavily to the success of bottom-line revenue. Charged with nurturing high-value players’ accounts, VIP Managers will direct VIP relations, act as first-line support and deliver loyalty schemes to target high-net-worth players.

The pros and cons of becoming a VIP manager as a career:
● Ideal for those with a strong interest in the sports betting or gaming industry

● Exposure to cross-functional departments and the opportunity to influence overall marketing campaigns

● Well-Rewarded and fast-paced environment

● Requires high level of attention to detail to every VIP

● Can require travel to major events



How much do VIP Managers earn?
An average salary for a VIP Manager in Casino, Sportsbook or Gaming is around £50,000 - £60,000, however significant bonuses can increase this figure substantially. This requires approximately 3+ years’ industry experience. More mid-level including account manager positions can command £35,000 - £45,000.

What qualifications or experience do you need to become a VIP Manager?
VIP professionals come from a range of backgrounds however, usually entry criteria include the following:

Experience in industry (Casino, Sportsbook or Gaming) VIP; Account Manager; or Customer Service

Strong commercial background with proven track record of exceeding targets and generating revenue

Key Skills including customer acquisition and retention, relationship building and strategic management

How do I get a job as a VIP Manager?
VIP Managers are in demand in land-based and online gaming market. You’ll find VIP Manager Jobs advertised online plus Account Management and CRM positions. Be sure to include all relevant qualifications and experience when writing your CV - and don’t forget to send us a copy too, as we often have exclusive and unadvertised VIP Manager jobs.