5 Steps to Improve Your Hiring This Year.

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5 Steps to Improve Your Hiring This Year

January 16, 2024

As we step into the new year, now is the perfect time for candidates within our network to seek new opportunities. If you’re gearing up to expand your team and kick off the year with exceptional hires, Pentasia is here to support you.

Wondering how to capitalise on this ideal moment for candidates contemplating a change post the holiday season? Here are our suggestions!


1.      Preparation is Key

Start by ensuring your job gets the green light through all internal channels. With new budgets and staff returning from holidays, you can swiftly secure the approvals needed to expand your team. Being well-prepared allows you to get a head start on the hiring process and hit the ground running.


2.      Enhance Your Visibility

Now is the perfect moment to showcase employee testimonials on your website, update career pages, and highlight why your organisation is an excellent place to work. Transparently demonstrating your commitment to your employees can also attract candidates. More individuals seek meaningful work aligned with their values, making your organisation's beliefs an essential draw.


3.      Utilise Glassdoor

Websites such as Glassdoor can be a great tool for your business, where your employees can share what it's really like working for you, as well as highlighting to the best candidates why they should choose to work for your company over the competition.


4.      Nail Down Job Descriptions and Criteria

Whittle down job requirements as much as possible, ensuring that you lead with what is most important to your company or team. It is also important to take time and care to make your job description as inclusive as you can, to not discourage good candidates from applying. Most importantly, be specific about the role, the person you are searching for and the location. If you can include salary information, even better!


5.      How We Can Support You

At Pentasia, our focus lies in connecting organisations with like-minded candidates. We collaborate with you to attract and recruit a diverse and skilled workforce, meeting your needs and fostering team growth.

We collaborate with you to define roles, craft job descriptions, benchmark salaries, compose compelling job advertisements, and provide expert guidance throughout the entire recruitment journey. With over 2 decades of iGaming recruitment experience, Pentasia supports you to hire specialists, build talented teams and achieve growth ambitions.

To explore how we can assist you in hiring and add value to your recruitment process, please reach out with details of your business and it’s hiring plans by clicking here.