Video Interviews: How To Ace The Remote Hiring Process.

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Video Interviews: How To Ace The Remote Hiring Process

April 15, 2020

What does “brilliant” look like when you’re interviewing by video? Here’s our remote interview guide for job seekers in gaming and gambling, compiled from our consultants around the world.

Video Interviews are definitely not a novelty in the hiring process. They may have started as a way to facilitate hiring managers and HR departments to review more candidates and conduct more interviews in shorter timeline. For many companies when hiring internationally, remote video interviews reduce or remove pre-hire travel requirements.

In the world we live in at the moment, though, video interviews have become the new norm. Whether, it’s a ‘temporary’ necessity which will fade away, once we go back to our normal lives or the beginning of a new era of the hiring process, only time can tell.

Remote Interview Top Tips

We ask our consultants to share their top tips, and have put together some general guidelines when it comes to video interviews. Here’s what they suggested:

  1. The interview basics still apply! A job interview is a job interview. Face to face, video call, phone call, no matter how the job interview is being conducted - always stick to the basics. In other words: do your homework; have the right attitude and motivation why this position is tailored for you; show how your previous working experience could apply to this role; research and prepare yourself as you normally would.

  2. Be prepared (technically). Technology is the best thing, but as you rely on it for a successful interview, ensure that it won’t fail you. Check the software beforehand, your sound (microphone and speakers) and your internet connection.

  3. Choose the right background. If you can pick an area in your house that is not cluttered and has a neutral background.

  4. Let there be light. Ensuring you have good lighting will make all the difference. Use angled desk lamps, ambient lighting or natural sources.

  5. First impression is always important. Engage in the conversation, make eye contact and be enthusiastic. Sit upright and try to maintain a nice posture.

  6. Be confident, articulate and don’t stress. Just as in a face to face situation.

  7. Dress properly, as you would for a face to face interview and according to the company’s profile.

  8. Put your other devices on mute or turn off the notifications, make sure you don’t have any distractions.

  9. Ask for interviewer’s phone number before you start the interview, so that if things go wrong, you lose connection, internet is cut off; you can call the interviewer and either continue the interview over the phone or reschedule.

The Bright Side: Reasons To Love Remote Interviewing

Even if you find the idea of a video interview challenging and are worried that your people skills won’t come across or your personality won’t shine on its full glory, there are still a few positive that you can focus on:

  • The interview takes place in your own environment, no need to worry to make yourself at home, as you are already there!

  • You can make yourself comfortable, pick the right chair for you, have a glass of water or coffee or tea. Set up your area in the best way that will make you feel confident and relaxed.

  • Being on time. You don’t have to rush, no need to travel, not to worry about being late or super early. Time is on your side.

As with any interview, it’s only expected to feel stress and anxiety, but as this can take place from the comfort of your own house, stick to the basics, do your homework, prepare your setting and you can be equally successful.

Good luck!


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