How To Master The New Hybrid: Working From Home And The Office.

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How To Master The New Hybrid: Working From Home And The Office

April 12, 2021

Working from home can be a mixed bag, there are advantages and disadvantages that based on a variety of factors cause us to either love or loathe it.

A year on from lockdown and freedom seems to be tantalising us on the horizon. For some of us, that may mean a return to the office, for others, business as “normal” in our makeshift work spaces or for others a mix of the two.​

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Want to master the new hybrid work system? Here’s our pick of the tips:

1 - Set up your day include multiple small but significant ‘win moments’. This is critical to internal motivation, especially when you need to push through your toughest days (Harvard Business Review)

2 - Effective employee appraisals are critical to long-term WFH success. This was the lesson from Yahoo’s failed 2013 attempt to migrate to remote working, and it’s one that’s well worth leaders’ concentration. (Stanford University)

3 - Review today, plan tomorrow. Productivity starts with clear activity planning. Take a notepad and write down your daily activities, first retrospectively and then planning for the following day. (CoWorker)

4 - Communicate effectively with your team to come through uncertain times with renewed purpose and trust. As we linger on in ‘crisis mode’, leaders should ensure their communications are supporting teams, wherever they’re located. (McKinsey)

5 - Trust is the bedrock of hybrid working. Critically, managers should avoid the temptation to micro-manage. In fact, many of us put more effort in to show that we are still contributing. (Chartered Management Institute)


Key Takeaways

It’s no longer about where you are but what you do. Keeping in mind your remote work wins and failures, attention to scheduling and the welfare of your team will keep you and those around you, on the path to productivity success.