How To Climb The Corporate Ladder Whilst Working From Home.

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How To Climb The Corporate Ladder Whilst Working From Home

January 25, 2022

​Working from home brings many advantages to professionals looking to introduce flexibility into their working lives, but how do you get noticed if you aren’t ever physically there? Everyone wants progress, but traditionally visibility has been seen as a virtue when it comes to getting promotions or a raise.

It’s easy to feel anxious that you aren’t seen as a full team member because you aren’t ‘seen’ physically as much as potential colleagues. This isn’t helped by sayings emphasising that you have to get noticed, have to become a face, to get ahead.

So how do you climb the corporate ladder when working from home?

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Show your work

What all these expressions and traditions miss is that ultimately you get ahead by being good at your job, if you can’t prove this to superiors, it doesn’t matter where you are working from you won’t advance far.

Keep track of all your successes, every little victory, anything that shows your dedication and desire to exceed expectations. Take full use of any relevant tools to track your progress, this will allow you to show objective data, to prove your worth.

Note all less quantifiable successes too, maybe you onboard new hires or manage client relationships. Take care to think about what strategies you employed to ensure success, whilst keeping in mind your organisation’s values and ethics.

Get seen virtually

Ensure your company profile is up to date, with recent pictures showing your face on all company communications channels. Don’t hide your face in virtual calls and make sure you contribute as much as possible to any meetings or discussions.

Most teams that work remotely hold regular catchups or events. Make sure to attend these and make the effort to get to know everyone there. It doesn’t have to be Machiavellian, it’s good just to make new friends and learn more about your company. You learn about them, they learn about you; thereby enhancing your visibility.

You will not only feel more comfortable at your place of work but have gain better insight into the key players, how your company is run and who you can talk to for mentoring advice. Finding a mentor is another great way to get ahead, they can cut through the noise and really give you tailored advice to get to the next level.


Networking is just as important virtually as it is in person. Make time to connect with everyone at your company, get to know them as people and professionals, what services they can offer and what they stand for.

Every person you meet could be a career boosting contact further down the road. 80% of professionals find networking essential to their career, with 41% wanting to network more often. All of them agree that face-to-face meetings build stronger relationships, so turn on your camera!

Make the time to connect with your company leadership, whether it’s seizing the right moment at a company event, in a video call or just adding them on LinkedIn – think visibility. Don’t limit yourself to just within your company either, attend conferences, either virtually or in person to build up your list of contacts.

Social media

A great way to stay visible is through social media, companies are constantly trying to promote themselves and individuals so make sure to stay active and comment or share any posts, particularly if they are from company leadership. This does wonders both for helping posts trend and developing your reputation!

A LinkedIn survey found that more than one third of people had a casual conversation on LinkedIn lead to a new opportunity. How many people do you think you could connect with at a conference or just at the office? 10? 20? 50? Whatever the number you can times that by 10 on social media.

The plain fact is you can access everyone, anytime, anywhere, and that is unbeatable when it comes to getting ahead, and is the main reason why recruiters use LinkedIn more than any other platform, so you should too.

Digital overload

Implementing all the advice listed here is a sure fire way to get you noticed, whether it be by your company or someone else’s. This can be great for many or a pain for some, as you can easily feel like suddenly you have too much of a good thing.

Regardless of how you feel however, don’t ignore or ghost genuine opportunities to connect and grow, overload is the real pain point for those who maintain a high profile digital image, but don’t let overload lead to disengagement.

Always remain grateful and curious in your professional endeavours, it will not only keep you sharp mentally, but maximise your chances of landing that raise, promotion or dream opportunity.


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