How Enterprise Level Talent Solutions Deliver Higher Performance and a Competitive Advantage.

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How Enterprise Level Talent Solutions Deliver Higher Performance and a Competitive Advantage

September 26, 2023

Author: David Shuttleworth

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the iGaming industry, the pursuit of growth, expansion into new markets and achieving high performance are at the forefront of every ambitious company's vision. But to translate these ambitions into reality, one critical factor takes centre stage: talent. Finding, attracting and securing the right talent is a complex and multifaceted challenge. 

In my 20 years of experience designing and delivering scalable talent solutions globally, the organisations that succeed in this challenge consistently adopt both a strategic and specialised approach, especially when it comes to scaling a business at pace. They get efficient. They get organised. They engage specialists. They take a long-term view. It's not about the vacancy list this week. It's about building a talent machine that delivers “success by design”. These are multi-faceted, multi-channel Enterprise Talent Solutions.

The iGaming Growth Conundrum

Scaling a business in the iGaming industry is no small feat. The sector is characterised by its fast-paced nature, constantly evolving regulations and a demand for cutting-edge technology. As companies expand into new markets or seek rapid growth, they encounter a multitude of challenges:

1.      Specialist Skillsets: The industry requires a host of unique skillsets. Finding professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in these areas can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

2.     Market Knowledge: Entering new markets requires a deep understanding of local regulations, cultural nuances, competitor activity and player preferences. This knowledge is essential to successfully attract talent and retain their interest. Getting this wrong can really hurt expansion plans.

3.     Pace of Change: The iGaming landscape is ever-evolving. Adapting to emerging trends, technologies and regulations requires agility, a forward-thinking approach, training and the right blend of talent across the business.

4.    Access to Talent: Unfortunately, the best talent in the iGaming industry is often already employed or not actively seeking new opportunities. Traditional recruitment methods often fall short in identifying these passive candidates, especially those with industry experience.

To innovate and thrive, you need high-performing talent that not only meets the demands of the present but also has the agility to evolve with the industry. The challenge lies not just in finding and acquiring top-tier talent, but in doing so quickly and at scale.

Enterprise Talent Solutions

Enterprise Talent Solutions offer a strategic and tailored approach to tackling obstacles to growth and scaling in iGaming. They come in a few shapes and sizes but are all aimed at delivering:

1.      Specialised Expertise: Get access to industry specialists with extensive networks. They understand the unique skillsets required. Emphasis is placed on building an effective recruitment process. Specialists will design a process that competes on all fronts; pace, personalisation, quality control and brand engagement.

2.     Recruiter Experience: Effective recruiters know where, how and when to find the best candidates with the precise experience and knowledge needed.

3.     Market Insight: Specialist enterprise talent solutions should give you access to current and relevant market data in the iGaming space. It should assist your recruitment strategy and planning to provide valuable market insights, helping you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities quickly.

4.    Scalability: Ensuring your solution can scale up and down easily with the inevitable peaks and dips in your recruitment plans.

5.     Passive Candidate Engagement: Conventional recruitment methods and providers often fail to identify and engage passive candidates in the iGaming industry, a talent pool that is critical when skills and talent are in short supply. Whereas enterprise recruiters have extensive networks and strategies to engage top talent even when they're not actively job hunting.

Enterprise Talent Solutions provide a flexible and tailored approach to talent acquisition, delivering solutions when you don’t have sufficient resources internally, or when conventional recruitment partners fall short. Services include:

Project Recruitment Solution (PRS)

A Project Recruitment Solution, or PRS, provides tactical support to meet specific business objectives. This project-based approach has clearly defined objectives and timelines.

Imagine you're expanding into a new market, and you urgently need a team of compliance experts with market-specific expertise. PRS can ringfence this recruitment project, dedicating specialised resources to identify, attract and secure the right talent, and manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish. This approach runs in parallel to your normal business operations. It creates singular accountability for results and ensures you meet business requirements on time, without compromising on quality and without distracting your normal recruitment operations or diverting manager time away from important existing business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, takes your talent acquisition to the next level. It's not just about filling positions; it's about forging a strategic partnership with a specialist provider, like Pentasia, to drive your business forward.

The RPO provider's relationship with the client is very different to that of a recruitment agency and client. Instead of a sales agenda, it’s focused on improving your business, actively working with your HR team and taking less manager time than the traditional recruiter<>client relationship. The RPO provider owns more of the process, aligns their service with your company values and strategic goals and continually optimises the candidate experience and talent acquisition process to your unique needs. Central to the service is the focus on delivering the best value to the client, whether that is through professional advice or recruitment approach.

Total Talent Management (TTM)

Total Talent Management, or TTM, provides strategic and hands on support for your HR team. All long-term talent acquisition is outsourced to a dedicated specialist team, so you can focus your internal team’s resources on HR/business strategic goals and brand performance.

TTM ensures that every aspect of talent management is seamlessly integrated; from marketing to acquisition to engagement and even training. It's a holistic approach that guarantees you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles at the right time, and at the right cost to support your business vision and strategic objectives.

Contractor Workforce Management

The ability to acquire specific niche skills and experience quickly, easily and without commercial risk is important to keep your business agile and responsive. Contractor Workforce Management simplifies the process of bringing in "off-payroll workers" for specific projects or roles.

Imagine needing skilled professionals for a short-term project or to cover seasonal spikes in demand. Contractor Workforce Management allows you to hire experts on a temporary basis, and have confidence and assurance that you're doing it legally and seamlessly with the rest of your operations. It ensures cost-effectiveness, agility and efficiency, making it a valuable tool for achieving high performance through smart resource allocation.

How Pentasia Can Help You

Building a team with the right skills and experience aligned with your vision is critical for the success of any business. Here at Pentasia we can help you build such a team efficiently and effectively.

By partnering with a specialist recruiter, you're not just filling positions; you're ensuring your workforce is as dynamic as the industry itself, agile and innovative, and able to grow and scale with your company.

Whatever Enterprise Recruitment solutions you require at this stage of your company’s lifecycle, we can tailor our services to your unique requirements. If you want to discuss this further, please get in touch with me today