Did You Make The Right Decision?.

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Did You Make The Right Decision?

November 18, 2021

18 November 2021

Why You Should Examine Your Decision Making Process Pen

In life our decisions are often said to define us, and thinking back we can often remember decisions that attached certain labels to us. As a child, maybe your parents told you that, “you are what you eat” when you reached for that second piece of chocolate, meaning that whilst you are not literally a chocolate bar you may suffer the consequences of over consuming them.

As we grow older we learn to differentiate between the right and the wrong decisions, we learn when to be patient and when to push, when to reveal and when to hold, how to make use of time and how to waste it.

But the older you get, the more nuance creeps into decisions, the stakes get higher and whilst you won’t settle for less sometimes you may feel reluctant to fight for more. Think back to your core goals, has mission creep occurred? This is why you need to examine your decision making process, to ensure you make decisions logically, in line with your goals and ambitions.

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Are you satisfied?

Whilst you might be a precocious professional, tackling all that comes within the realms of your duties with ease, do you ever step back and apply the same rational thinking to your career? If you find yourself satisfied ask why should you be?

Analysis of the self is often harder than analysis outside the self, because we can’t shield our ego from the blunt knife of objectivity. We have to be real and sometimes that’s hard. This is where strategy comes in to play when making decisions, so that you can always be prepared for whatever opportunity comes your way.


What is the best decision making model?

The best strategies weigh up the pros and cons of making a decision and take into account your personal code of ethics, what you value and your overall goal. To learn more about how to make an effective decision try the resources below to find a decision making model or process that works for you:


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