A day in the life of a Pentasia Recruitment Consultant.

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A day in the life of a Pentasia Recruitment Consultant

August 31, 2023

We sat down with Recruitment Consultant Rebecca Spicer to discuss her journey of almost a year with Pentasia so far, what the interview process was like for her and how she’s settled into her team.


Hi Rebecca, first of all, congratulations on your recent promotion to Recruitment Consultant, it’s well deserved! How are you feeling about it?

I’m delighted to have been recently promoted, it’s a recognition of my hard work and dedication to the role, and I’m excited about the new challenges that lie ahead.


Can you tell us about what you were doing before you joined us, and what attracted you to recruitment in the first place?

I’ve worked in a variety of different roles, from being a hairdresser, working in a pub, to becoming a nursery assistant, and whilst I enjoyed aspects of those roles, I never felt fully settled in what I was doing.

I realised I was seeking something that would offer me a career path, I wanted a sense of accomplishment and even some level of reward for the hard work I always put in.

I had noticed quite a lot of my friends had gone into recruitment so I spoke to a few of them and thought this could be for me. Harrison, Talent Acquisition Manager for The Conexus Group, called me the day after I applied, and we went from there!


How was the interview process?

I was interviewed by Harrison and was quite open and transparent with him about my experience and ambitions I had, and I really feel that worked in my favour. I was invited back for another interview where I spoke with two Heads of Practice who were looking at my soft skills, and what I could offer their teams. What really stood out was that they showed me they wanted me, I really felt like we were meeting in the middle, and it made me realise joining Pentasia would be the right choice for me. They never set me up to fail with any of the questions, and I felt at ease talking with everyone.


How have you been enjoying your time at Pentasia so far?

My assumption of the corporate world was that you don’t talk to the C-suite around the office, that there would be a hierarchy and to stay within your ranks. I learnt very quickly that I was wrong, everyone was so welcoming and wants you to do the best that you can. On my second week I parked in the parking space of Rob Dowling, The Conexus Group CEO, which I wasn’t aware of. There was a buzz around the office asking who had the car in Rob’s space! Someone told me that I had parked in Rob’s space, and I was nervous and worried that this would be a big issue. Whilst out on my lunch break, I bumped into Rob, and profusely apologised – he said don’t be silly, it’s one of the perks! It was the complete opposite of what I thought an office would be like, and it’s so nice to feel welcomed.


You’re part of the Commercial team here at Pentasia, what’s it like working in your team?

I felt welcomed straight away by Karl and Kris, we went out for drinks to welcome me to the team, and we always have drinks for our birthdays. Kris really helped me at the start by teaching me how he runs his desk, sharing tips he’s picked up along the way, and Karl was always there to support us both and steer us in the right direction. Karl is so open and honest with me which I really appreciate, and he’s always willing to drop things within reason to help me as much as he can, allowing me to start or finish late when needed. It’s made my experience here at Pentasia that much better.


Are there any particular benefits or perks at Pentasia that you have found especially valuable or enjoyable?

I’d say the main benefit so far has been the people in the office as everyone has been so welcoming. We have regular social events, drinks after work, and there’s always people sitting together at lunchtime which is really nice. It’s great that the group is worldwide, we had our Christmas party in Barcelona and I was very grateful to be invited having only been with Pentasia for one month. It was the best ice breaker and showed how much everyone appreciates our hard work. I’ll also have to add that working from anywhere in the world is a great perk, and it’s always nice to have your birthday off!


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