Programmatic Executive

  • Location: Malta
  • Salary: €45,000 to €55,000 pa.
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job reference: 22356

Programmatic Executive

The Programmatic Executive will combine media/programmatic and technical expertise with specific experience with Ad Serving, DSP, SSPs and private marketplaces. This position will be responsible for trafficking, optimizing, and tagging video and display ad campaigns to ensure they run smoothly.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead point for all programmatic demand partners
  • Create clear reporting processes and accountability for programmatic
  • Develop and implement partners connections through the ad server and DSP/SSPs dashboards
  • Test and implement VAST/VPAID, 3rd party tracking, Javascript
  • Quality, monitor all the quality parameters.
  • You will manage the technical support team which investigates complex problems with connections between SSP and Publishers
  • Networking / HTTP knowledge. Extensive debugging skill
  • Closely monitor daily platform performance and be proactive in addressing discrepancies and making price recommendations
  • Optimize media for top performance results
  • Communicate performance goals/status

Skills and Capabilities


  • Significant experience in programmatic and digital media
  • Strong relationships across the digital and programmatic community, able to raise the profile of the company amongst key programmatic teams
  • Strategic outlook and deep understanding of programmatic landscape including technology, inventory, publishers and agencies
  • Strong understanding of the process of implementing programmatic orders between seller and buyer
  • Strong experience with Ad Server experience (exchanges, ad verification, SSP dasboards)
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, managing multiple campaigns, meeting deadlines, and learning new products
  • Strongly detailed and solution-oriented


  • Proven track record of utilizing ad verificator tools and deep knowledge of the prebid process in programmatic.
  • eGaming experience

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