Gaming Manager

  • Location: London
  • Salary: up to £68,000
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job reference: 22658

Gaming Manager


To be responsible for the daily running of the gaming operations and to take responsibility of the Casino whilst Directors are not around. You will be responsible for full compliance with the spirit and laws of The Gambling Act 2005 and all associated legislation, Company policies and procedures relating to the gaming operations in particular relating to Social Responsibility and Anti Money Laundering.


This job profile is not exhaustive and therefore the job holder may be required to perform such other duties as may be assigned by management from time to time.


Key Areas of Role








Objectives, Goals & Customer


The customer/member should always come first and expect;

  • To enjoy the experience
  • To be kept informed
  • To be treated with integrity
  • Be a person who is gaming at the correct level




You must ensure compliance with the Company's obligations in particular

  • To "Know your customer” (KYC):
  • By completing and continuously monitoring customer/member due diligence
  • By understanding the Customer’s source of wealth (SOW) and source of funds (SOF)
  • Under the Gambling Act 2005
  • In respect of Social Responsibility
  • Under Licensing Laws




Once the customer/member is satisfied with Customer and Compliance only then will a commercial decision be made


Job Activities and Day to Day Management


  • To ensure full knowledge of the day-to-day events by referring to the emails, IG notes and the Hub.
  • To oversee and manage the smooth running of the supporting operational functions in all areas of the Club and to provide necessary advice:
  • To provide continuous management presence in the Club as required.
  • Oversee the efficient running of the gaming operations to ensure:
    • Customers'/members' movements and habits are monitored and gaming tables are utilised to maximise business opportunities;
    • All disputes are resolved promptly efficiently and fairly;
    • All suspicious activities/behaviour are dealt with in the appropriate manner and in line with the Company’s security policy;
    • Customer/member credit facilities ("CCF") are controlled and operated effectively, in compliance with legislation and Company policy up to the delegated authority level and where the CCF is beyond the authority level, refer the matter immediately to senior management.
  • To use the technologies available (for example recording of bets on IPad, troubleshooting of gaming display screens) to ensure customers'/members' movements and habits are monitored and gaming tables are utilised to maximise business opportunities.
  • Identify any staff operational problems and report these to the Director of Gaming.
  • Ensure all staff adheres to the company grooming policy and present the appropriate Company image at all times.
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies as and when required.
  • Deal with all of the Club’s correspondence, for example emails, within 48 hours of receipt or as soon as practicable.
  • Complete all required Company documentation without delay and within agreed time scales.
  • To walk around the Club and communicate with all gaming staff.
  • To communicate any key events to the CEO or Director of Gaming immediately or at earliest opportunity depending on severity.
  • Complete rotas and any other company paperwork as and when required, ensuring it is done accurately and within timescales.
  • Ensure that shifts are adequately covered at all times by ensuring that rotas meet member demand during peak and quiet trading times and within budget.


General Training & Development


  • To produce and report to the Director of Gaming a written appraisal of allocated employees' performance (one appraisal per year, date to be advised by Human Resources).
  • Utilise the appraisal information of allocated staff in order to make recommendations to the Director of Gaming for training and development and efficient staff utilisation.
  • To embrace new technologies and ways of working that are introduced by the business and ensuring that all gaming staff are informed and trained in use.
  • To ensure that all gaming staff complete Social Responsibility and AML training as necessary and at least on an annual basis


Managing Employee Relations


  • Ensure thorough knowledge of the required standards of conduct and performance and the Company’s disciplinary and grievance policy and ensure compliance with those standards and policies.
  • Give clear and concise direction to gaming staff on the company’s expected standards of conduct and performance.
  • Ensure a fair and consistent approach in carrying out disciplinary and grievance procedures in accordance with Company policy and where necessary and appropriate refer to senior management.
  • Seek advice from Human Resources on all matters relating to Employee Relations, where appropriate.


Compliance and Security


  • Ensure all Company security policies and procedures in relation to the gaming operation are implemented and upheld.
  • Ensure compliance with The Gambling Act 2005
  • Ensure compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering ("AML") Regulations.  In connection with this you must:
    • hold a “Certificate in Money Laundering Risk for Betting and Gaming” at all times
    • Ensure that you are fully conversant with the AML Regulations
    • Ensure that all gaming staff adheres to the AML Regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with the Company's Social Responsibility obligations.  This includes:
    • Assessing the customer/member before they commence gaming through a “mini interaction” to ensure the customer/member is fit to game
    • Ensuring that you are fully conversant with Social Responsibility policies and procedures as set out by the Company and adhere to those policies and procedures
    • Ensuring that you fully understand and identify and report concerns of customers who may/ are displaying signs of problem gambling to enable the business to aid and support the customer/member
    • Ensure that you fully understand and identify and report concerns of members of staff who may/ are displaying signs of problem gambling to enable the business to aid and support the employee
    • Being fully conversant with and ensuring compliance with the Licensing Act 2003
  • Ensure compliance with Company procedures relating to Health and Safety regulations and fire, bomb and evacuation procedures.
  • Ensure licensing laws are complied with at all times and any breaches reported and appropriate action taken.
  • Ensure that any actions by any employee which is likely to bring the Company into disrepute are promptly reported to the Director of Gaming.


Customer Service


•    Ensure the highest possible standard of customer/member service is provided in the club at all times.

•    Ensure a professional relationship with customers/members and their guests at all times.

•    To ensure that the Club operates to the highest standards of efficiency and courtesy at all times.




•    Ensure effective communication is achieved and maintained between you, Directors and all departments including Head Office.

•    Inform incoming duty Gaming Manager of any relevant information at shift change.

•    By regular liaison with senior management in the Club ensure that any operational problems or “bottlenecks” are removed or resolved.




•    Embracing and fully utilising existing and new technology introduced to the business.

•    Ensure that all staff are fully trained and have attended relevant training provided by the Company to use technology within the department to its full potential.

•    That any technology issues experienced are reported immediately to the IT Department.


Personal Competencies


These describe the skills, qualifications, experience and behaviours you will need to carry out your job effectively.


  • Demonstrate and maintain high member awareness by approaching your job with the customers/members always in mind.
  • To be motivated and committed to your personal development, approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and seizing opportunities to learn new skills or knowledge in order to improve your personal performance.
  • To be adaptable, responding quickly and positively to changing requirements, which may mean getting involved in procedures that are not normally part of your day-to-day responsibilities.
  • To be adaptable and able to embrace new technologies and ways of working that are introduced by the business,
  • Experience in managing a team and maintaining a high level of teamwork by showing co-operation and support to colleagues in the pursuit of the gaming department and business goals.  To have a positive impact, taking personal responsibility and initiative to resolve issues within the department
  • Good communication skills with both customers/members and colleagues.
  • Hold a Personal Licence
  • Hold a Personal Management Licence
  • Hold a “Certificate in Money Laundering Risk for Betting and Gaming”
  • To be fully conversant with the AML Regulations
  • Being fully conversant with Social Responsibility obligations including understanding and being able to identify and report concerns of customers/members who may/ are displaying signs of problem gambling to enable the business to aid and support the customer/member
  • To be fully conversant with all technologies used within the gaming department e.g. recording of bets on IPads, troubleshooting of gaming display screens
  • Understand relevant licensing laws
  • Understand relevant health and safety laws


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