IGB Pentasia Salary Survey 2022

Salaries spike as talent becomes mission-critical – that’s the verdict in this year’s iGB Pentasia Salary Survey.  


Now in it's fifth year, the IGB-Pentasia salary survey is the sector's most comprehensive benchmarking of global iGaming pay, providing employers and professionals with insight and analysis for 2022 into 2023.

Continued growth and a global skills shortage are creating the perfect storm as a talent crisis grips the market. With the global gambling market expected to grow by $260 billion by 2027,  bridging the skills gap is crucial.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to attract top talent in 2023?

The iGB Pentasia Salary Survey 2022 not only gives you the current market rate for every key gaming role, but also provides the inside scoop on headline trends and talent market analysis – everything you need to stay ahead in this challenging but critical talent market. 

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