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High-Growth Digital Job Markets
with Big Career Potential 2017-18

At Pentasia, we’ve always focused on placing talented candidates in high-growth, upcoming digital sectors. We’re passionate about working with departments, industries and fields that are at the forefront of digital progress. These are lucrative, exciting and fulfilling spaces to base your career. #EmergingOpportunities are key areas we’re seeing significant hiring activity, including: 


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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Undoubtedly one of tech’s biggest ‘disruptors’, blockchain technology is changing the way we pay, trade and even place bets online.

THE OPPORTUNITY Investors’ pockets may be filling as cryptocurrency’s trade value – particularly Bitcoin – continues to rise. But blockchain technology’s potential is still in its infancy. Businesses are only beginning to exploit its potential for application in finance, trading, gambling and more.

WHO’S BEING HIRED? First, don’t think that your meagre understanding of blockchain technology itself will automatically count you out! An understanding helps, and at least an interest is required, but this fast-growing sector requires a wide-range of talent from salespeople to marketing, compliance to management.

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Customer Experience

Apply your talents to one of tech’s hottest departments: a blend of marketing, customer service, UX design and product management.

THE OPPORTUNITY As tech markets mature out of the ‘acquire’ and into the ‘retain’ phase, ensuring the highest quality of overall customer experience is key to sustaining customers and revenues. This wide-focus role covers touchpoints throughout multiple disciplines, a holistic oversight that aims to keep the customers’ interaction with the business front of mind at all times.

WHO’S BEING HIRED? Leaders with vision and passion for the quality of interactions between consumer and business. There’s no set career path that leads to a customer experience role, but significant experience in customer-centric tech roles is, of course, key.

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Finance is arguably the biggest sector in line for digital disruption over the next few years. Fintech, clustered in tech hotspots like London, Barcelona and Silicon Valley, is thriving.

THE OPPORTUNITY Growth in the financial technology field comes both in the form of startups with significant funding and traditional financial institutions investing heavily in new technology. There’s a race to simplify complex product structures, improve user experience and scale solutions in order to undercut competitors’ pricing.

WHO’S BEING HIRED? Those exiting traditional banking and finance institutions with tech credentials of any kind are in high demand. Skilled graduates with a desire to drive big change are also highly prized. Newer employers in particular, though, are also hiring actively across multiple disciplines, from HR to finance, marketing to operations.

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Country Management

Open new markets for online gaming and gambling operators as countries and territories worldwide become regulated.

THE OPPORTUNITY Some of the world’s biggest gambling markets remain untapped by operators, but with regulation constantly updating and new licenses granted, there’s big opportunity for international expansion. It’s the country manager who’ll hone in on opportunity and oversee the roll-out of products.

WHO’S BEING HIRED? Experienced country or product managers with commercial credentials. Country managers are usually based at operators’ HQs – in London, Malta or Gibraltar, for example – whilst focussing on their target country or market. Clearly, some level of language and cultural familiarity is helpful, though business is largely conducted in English.

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Data Analysis, Science & Compliance

Analyse trends, anticipate and create opportunities – there’s so much potential still to explore in big data, but with GDPR imminent, the individual’s rights are changing too.

THE OPPORTUNITY Companies in tech and far beyond have amassed thousands of terabytes of customer data. Discovering insight, logic and actionable opportunity here is a huge task with big payoffs for the most successful. But equally, this is a sector undergoing significant new regulation with serious new responsibilities falling on businesses.

WHO’S BEING HIRED? On the data and analysis side, statistical, mathematical and technical skills are highly prized. Ultimately, businesses are looking for those talented enough to scale and automate procedures. There’s also significant hiring activity around legal and compliance experts with data and tech specialism, particularly in light of the oncoming GDPR regulation EU-wide.

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