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Identifying opportunities in an increasingly complex digital world: Technicians, Mathematicians and Strategists.

It takes a special type of logic and focus to succeed in the thriving sector of big data and analytics. For those who can find clarity in the chaos, though, the rewards are there. We recruit for roles in business intelligence, qualitative / quantitative analysis, CRM management, database administration and more.

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If serious databases are your thing, our clients won’t disappoint. We work with some of the world’s most popular online gaming, eCommerce and SAAS platforms. Global enterprises offer strong career growth opportunity, but we also recruit for numerous well-funded start-ups.

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Planning for work in an emerging field takes a degree of speculation, but with proper guidance your decisions needn’t be a risk. In fact, when your role directly informs business decisions, it’s important you understand any potential employer well. Pentasia consultants work with you to identify the best place for your skills.

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