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Art Director

Posted 42 days ago
London, United KingdomAttractive & great benefits Job Reference: 36102
Our client is looking to recruit an Art Director to their our in-house Design team. As part of the ongoing, structured growth of the company they are keen to add someone who is experienced, ambitious, and ready to help them meet the challenge of growing the business and maintaining their position as the leading supplier of online games and content to lotteries around the world.

The role involves maintaining our production pipeline by directing game art from our internal studio, with occasional support of our external sources. You must be able to direct art and animation for games, guiding artists through technical and fundamental art issues while helping them manage their time effectively. The role will also require you have a strong understanding of workflows, and problem-solving skills in that field, to ensure the pipeline between art and development is as efficient as possible. There is an expectation for someone in this role to produce game art as well, when the need arises. The AD will also organise the Lead Artists in their sub-team to provide effective guidance to more junior staff, while providing mentorship to that sub-team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the Studio Art Director: Work closely with the Studio Art Director to develop and implement the artistic vision for iLottery gaming projects. Assist in establishing the visual style, design guidelines, and brand consistency.
  • Creative Direction: Contribute to the creation of visually compelling concepts, artwork, and assets for iLottery gaming products. Ensure that the creative vision aligns with the target audience and project requirements.
  • Design Oversight: Review and provide constructive feedback on visual assets, including illustrations, animations, UI elements, and marketing materials, to ensure high quality and adherence to the project's artistic standards.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate closely with other cross-functional teams, such as game designers, developers, and product managers, to ensure seamless integration of the artistic vision within the overall game design and user experience.
  • Industry Research: Stay up to date with industry trends, competitor analysis, and emerging technologies related to iGaming and iLottery gaming. Apply this knowledge to enhance the studio's creative output and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Workflow Optimization: Identify opportunities to streamline processes and improve the efficiency of the art pipeline. Propose and implement solutions to enhance the overall quality and productivity of the creative team.

Key Skills

  • Professional Experience: Demonstrable experience (typically 2-3 years) in a similar role within the iGaming industry, with a focus on iLottery gaming products. Prior experience in a leadership or supervisory capacity is desirable.
  • Artistic Skills: Strong artistic and design skills, with proficiency in digital art tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc.) 3D skills are a bonus, but not a requirement. A solid understanding of colour theory, composition, typography, and visual storytelling is essential.
  • Technical Knowledge: Familiarity with the technical aspects of game development, including knowledge of game engines, asset optimization, and file formats.
  • Leadership Abilities: Excellent leadership and communication skills to guide and inspire the creative team. Ability to provide constructive feedback and mentorship to foster a collaborative and innovative work environment.
  • Creative Vision: Strong conceptual thinking and the ability to translate ideas into visually stunning designs. A keen eye for detail and a passion for creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences.
  • Adaptability: Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment with changing priorities. Strong problem-solving skills and the capacity to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Portfolio: A portfolio showcasing a diverse range of visual design work, preferably including examples from the iGaming or gaming industry. The portfolio should demonstrate both artistic and technical proficiency.