BI Analyst

Location London, UK
Job Type Permanent
Salary £30,000 - £40,000 pa
Reference 29048

The Analyst is focused on supporting the marketing team’s data needs by delivering insights derived from data around customer registration, deposit, customer lifetime value, return on ad spend as well as creating reports and dashboards for marketing team purposes focused on:

  • Campaign Reporting showing Return on Spend at a campaign level using Customer spend and lifetime value over days 1/3/5/7/14/21/28 values achieved per customer vs cost of marketing per customer
  • Spend reporting automation for daily spend reporting
  • Daily/weekly/monthly and quarterly marketing recurring reports
  • Campaign set up for allocating rewards to campaign respondents
  • Campaign Analysis reports
  • Analysis of results achieved vs Business Model to identify gaps and trends affecting Business Model predicted forecasts v actuals

This position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Deliver insights and graphs on
    • how LTV is tracking against Ad spend
    • how customer Reg bonus is tracking by offer, campaign & media source
    • Identify how many customers churn from each campaign, transactions pre churn and period before they churn
  • Responsible for SQL queries on our internal database
  • Providing accurate reports and dashboards as requested in a timely manner
  • Analysis:
    • Creating useful and effective insight generating dashboards /graphs
    • Creating dashboards that track and live report our key metrics in a manner that allows us to easily drill down to understand what is driving our results
    • Providing the Marketing teams with Promotional Analysis support and tracking and reporting on promotional efficiency; as required by the business (promotional mechanic redemption rate, promotional ROI etc.)
    • Creating templates for and maintain the uptime production of daily/weekly/monthly reporting
    • Supporting the marketing team with their reporting and customer list requirements
    • Assisting in business planning initiatives by providing reports for forecasting, budgeting and setting targets.
    • Working across all brands, marketing channels, networks and territories.

Position Qualifications and Experience Requirements

  • SQL expert
  • Can easily create reports using SQL commands and provide marketing with the ability to have reports based on their needs
  • Statistical and Mathematics degree-based qualification a plus
  • Overall 1 year+ SQL based reporting experience ideal
  • Worked as a business to consumer (B2C) reporting executive for at least 1 year in a marketing context
  • Previous work was based on
    • Looking for insights in data and having business teams create actions to leverage insights
    • Generating reports to briefs given
    • Creating and maintaining dashboards
    • distributing and recording information
    • Analysing trends
    • Periodic business-wide overview reporting
  • Worked in a role interfacing with several functional areas especially marketing
  • Highly numerate
  • Experience gained in a mobile app-based B2C environment will be valued
  • Advanced XLuser
  • Able to build new reports based on "raw" data from the data warehouse to provide the business with useful reports that will enable the teams to meet their goals
  • Presents their ideas with supporting analytical justification
  • Pattern seeker when reviewing large data sets
  • Target driven/results orientated
  • Clear communicator
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Solutions orientated
  • Senior management facing experience
  • Good presentation skills
  • Experience of working in and an interest in football and/betting

This is a unique chance to be involved in a wide range of digital and non-digital marketing channels and grow in knowledge and responsibility quickly as you become a pivotal part in the companies ambitious growth plans. 


This is an incredible opportunity to work with one of the most innovative and high performing companies within the industry. If you are Analytics professional that wishes to use your skills to make a truly demonstrable impact, then apply now.

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