Software System Developer

Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive
Reference 31816

The client, one of the world’s most trusted betting and gaming companies, is looking for a Software System Developer to work 50% remote and 50% in the office in London.

  • Skill & Experience

1. prefer to have experience in finance or gaming industries.

2. Proficient in Linux and Python system configuration and management.

3. Linux kernel driver and system application deployment and troubleshooting.

4. Containerization and orchestration technologies, including Docker and Redis, Kubernetes.

5. Virtualization cloud technology, AWS, GCP.

6. Database technology, including MySQL, etc.

7. has worked on projects that have had to manage extremely high volumes of load / traffic.

  • Responsibility

1. Software deployment and test support automation in the software development cycle.

2. System deployment and operation: in-house engineering team cloud infrastructure planning and maintenance.
3. Expand the back-end capacity.

4. Maintain our existing back-end game projects

5. Solve the latest hardware/software performance issues: Analyze and debug serious server performance issues, identify bottlenecks and optimize product/service performance to improve the user experience of our existing products.

6. Solve performance issues: Work closely with other team members to improve code base performance (such as redesigning algorithms), reduce resource consumption and shorten request waiting time.

7. Review and document existing systems

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