Software Development Manager

Job Type Permanent
Salary Very Attractive
Reference 31965
Software Development Manager

The preference is for this position to be based in New York, however my client is open to looking at candidates based in California, Miami and Las Vegas. 

To lead a software development team and co-ordinate the entire product development process to ensure the timely delivery of products

Key Deliverables:
  • Facilitated Continuous Improvement
- Integrates the team and department processes and procedures effectively with company wide processes and procedures.
- Effectively communicates and implements processes and procedures in the team and with stakeholders.
- Reviews processes and procedures on a quarterly basis to determine effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness.
- Ensures that all team processes and procedures are clearly documented, according to agreed documentation standards.
- Identifies and ensures that the necessary processes and procedures are in place to meet business objectives.
  • Facilitated Project Delivery

- Reviews documentation within project schedule.
- Provides status report to Product Manager, on a weekly basis.
- Communicates with external parties regarding the product, as and when necessary.
- Effectively resolves escalated project risks.
- Monitors progress of projects to ensure that they are on track with the schedule.
- Co-ordinates projects to ensure that prioritized deadlines are met.

  • Manage Team

- Effectively allocates appropriate resources to projects, in conjunction with Product and Project
- Management teams, to ensure that project deadlines and requirements are met.
- Participates in the recruitment of new staff, when necessary.
- Ensures that company issues, policies and procedures are communicated to the team within 7 days.
- Ensures that the team members are equipped with the requisite skill set required for both current and future projects by developing a training and career development plan for each team member.
- Documents the performance appraisal results and maintains a portfolio of evidence for each team member.
- Conducts performance appraisals of department members at least twice a year
- Ensures that the team business plan is aligned with the company strategy and working towards achieving the strategy.
- Monitors performance of team members on an ongoing basis and takes effective steps to deal with non-performance.
- Provides feedback to the Product Manager, on a weekly basis, regarding team performance and project progress. Internal
- Oversees all aspects of the team by facilitating and resolving issues, through effective problem solving and communication skills.

  • Facilitated Software Development

- Provides detailed and comprehensive specifications to developers, when necessary.
- Determines most effective and efficient software design to meet specifications, when necessary.
- Ensures that the project schedule, as pertains to his/her team's tasks, are regularly updated.
- Signs off developed software provided by developers.
- Ensures that all the produced artefacts are versioned correctly and accurately.

Competencies: Technical Skills & Experience

  • 5-8 years of software development experience on a variety of projects. - A strong academic background (formal qualification, HND, Degree or equivalent experience) - Good working knowledge of OO languages, preferably
  • Working knowledge of current web languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • Advocate of Agile development methodologies (Scrum, TDD, DDD) - Has a comprehensive understanding of the full life cycle of the software development process
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Strong mentoring and leadership skills
  • Impeccable time-management - Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong relationship management at all levels of the hierarchy
  • Strong business acumen

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