Software & API Engineer (Remote Hybrid)

Job Type Permanent
Salary £55,000 - £70,000
Reference 31827

Position: Software & API engineer

Location: London & Surrounding areas.

1. At least 3 years of engineering experience in the gaming/finance industry.
2. Proficient in Node.js game development language.
3. Familiar with Redis, MySQL, Docker database.
4. Internet security awareness and understanding how to protect information assets.
5. Have experience in developing APIs that can be used by front-end or third parties.
6. Have experience in object-oriented programming and understand how to create games that meet high concurrency needs.
7. Experience in refactoring legacy code.

Main responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the customer's IT system, and assisted the business team to improve product introduction.
2. Discuss with relevant departments to clarify the interface specifications and restrictions, define API functions and related design specifications.
3. Develop, improve and maintain all software products and infrastructure, and provide all necessary documents for maintenance.
4. Assist customers to eliminate system integration problems and technical obstacles.
5. Review system and process documentation.
6. Review of existing systems to identify areas of future improvement.

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