Senior Software Engineer

Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive salary
Reference 32149

My client is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our small team to maintain, improve and evolve this system. My client is based in Dublin and you can work onsite OR remotely, it is up to you! They also have offices in the USA and Malta.


What my client expects after joining the company:

· During the first month you’ll explore the system. Play with some services, make some small changes, deploy the service. Maybe draw some diagrams (either high-level or specific to the services) to highlight important details.

· During first three months you’ll get familiar with the core system components and data structures. You’ll learn the operational and support staff: where to look for logs or metrics, how to troubleshoot issues, what are most common (and uncommon) problems. Possibly, the team would implement a new business feature or two.

· In six months, they expect you to take a technical ownership of a few small services. You’ll know the role of services in the overall ecosystem (and the value provided). You’ll also be able to suggest and prioritize technical improvements (aligned to the service role and evolution needs).


The services are hosted in AWS and are mostly developed with Java and Scala.

What my client looks for in a candidate:

· You are not scared of large unknown system(s). You can figure out a lot of things yourself based on the code and testing.

· You can plan, implement, and test changes in the system you touch. Moreover, you can consider (and even better – test) any impact on other systems. Some unnecessary coupling and invisible dependencies are expected in the system.

· You are pragmatic about the software quality. Yes, they want to improve the system and eventually make it perfect. But they just can’t do it overnight. Things should be prioritized, and some imperfection may have a place.


Nice-to-have (but not required):

· 5+ years of professional experience building consumer-facing software

· Experience working with the system(s) you did not write initially

· BS/MS in computer science or relevant field experience

· Willing to take risks, fail fast and iterate quickly

· Background in financial services, trading or sports betting




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