Senior Operation Maintenance Engineer

Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive
Reference 31832
The client, one of the world’s most trusted betting and gaming companies, is looking for a Senior Operation Maintenance Engineer to work 50% remote and 50% in the office in London.
  • Skills, Education and Experience?
1. College degree or above, computer-related major, more than 5 years of system operation and maintenance experience.
2. Master at least 1 or 2 programming languages, Shell, Python or Go language.
3. Familiar with the configuration of various services under Linux system, such as MySQL, Tomcat, Nginx, Redis, etc.
4. Be proficient in the automatic subordinate, maintenance, troubleshooting, and log management of the Linux operating system.
5. Have network skills equivalent to CCNP, proficient in TCP/IP, and proficient in the use of packet analysis tools.
6. Possess good problem-solving ability and the ability to locate problems quickly.
7. Prefer to have experience in finance or gaming industries. 8. Experience in management and monitoring of a diverse and geographically distant network architecture.
  • Main responsibilities?
1. Responsible for server configuration, maintenance, monitoring, tuning, etc.
2. Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the system, and daily troubleshooting, optimization, and evaluation.
3. Carry out server configuration, realize high-availability clusters maintenance, ensure cluster availability and stability, formulate and implement relevant operation and maintenance technical solutions, and ensure efficient and stable operation of services.
4. Responsible for designing and implementing automation tools or systems related to operation and maintenance, reducing manual intervention, and realizing the management business system of the operation and maintenance system.
5. Responsible for formulating and implementing operation and maintenance specifications, and continuously improving operation process and quality.
6. Research on automation technology, global load, local load balancing system architecture and network architecture design, etc.
7. Management and documenting of all current systems owned and used by the organisation. (Includes 3rd party systems)

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