Senior Frontend Developer

Job Type Permanent
Reference 33025

My client is looking for a talent Senior Engineer to work on my clients free-to-play online poker site. Their mission is to spread the joy of poker to the world in a fair, friendly and competitive environment, without the risk of losing your shirt!

The role

They are a small, but growing team, of highly technical and experienced developers, which means you’ll have a huge impact on the decisions and the work being done. They all work remotely, 100% of the time. They are currently spread out across Europe and South America.

You’ll be responsible for maintaining and creating new frontend features on all of their systems. These include the poker game server, poker lobby, and not-quite-so-exciting auxiliary services (scheduling, etc).

They have a huge array of interesting problems to solve such as hunting down and killing the (thankfully) occasional performance issue, adding new features to bring happiness to our players and operations team, taking old code which has seen better days, and refactoring it into something new and shiny that we can all be proud of, and much more. 

They look for smart and independent people who work best in a team where everyone pulls their weight and collaborates with each other. Proactivity is key so we can improve and expand our systems without micromanagement.

Our stack

  • Poker lobby: Ruby on Rails (latest), a single page application with Backbone.js
  • Poker game server: written in Ruby
  • Poker game client: React/JS client
  • Mobile client: Swift + React/JS for the game table
  • Other technologies used: MySQL, Sidekiq, Redis, NodeJS, Go, Kubernetes, and many more

You will

  • Have expert knowledge of React and its surrounding environment
  • Have some knowledge of HTML5 and modern CSS (Less/Sass)
  • Have 5+ years of JS/React development experience
  • Have experience using modern JavaScript on the web (with or without a framework)
  • Have experience writing automated tests, be it BDD, TDD, etc
  • Have a good understanding of HTTP and REST-ful APIs
  • Be confident working with git, code review, and pull requests
  • Be eager to learn and able to express your thoughts, arguments, and ideas clearly and effectively
  • Have excellent English language skills (fluent speaking)

Ideally, you should

  • Have experience with Backbone
  • Have experience with Canvas API
  • Have experience with GraphQL
  • Have experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Have professional experience working remotely
  • Have contributed to open source projects
  • Enjoy playing poker!

What they offer

  • Plenty of autonomy for you to work the way you think you're most productive
  • A flexible process with the focus on efficiency of working with minimal bureaucracy
  • A mixture of fun and challenging projects working on a real-time game
  • Competitive salary (negotiable and depending on experience/skills)
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