Senior Data Scientist - Remote (Europe)

Job Type Permanent
Reference 31629

Our client, a fast growing company in the iGaming industry, are currently looking to hire a Senior Data Scientist.

The client is an advanced technology group for online mobile gaming companies, some of the largest mobile gaming sites in the world.

The group creates leading-edge security technology utilizing data analysis, game theory optimal algorithms, and AI to ensure game integrity. As a Senior Data Analyst on this team, you will join the existing efforts of GTO-based software development and its applications (security and fairness)



  • Building techniques and models described in academic papers
  • Analyzing huge game-play datasets looking for statistically significant patterns
  • Creating probabilistic models to evaluate the behavior of the players
  • Building fundamental models for other teams to use to improve players’ security and fairness
  • Working with other teams that will be end-users of the research

It is an exciting position where experienced engineers/scientists will get to apply recent academic research and learn about Nash-Equilibrium, Counterfactual-Regret optimization, and other Game-Theory-related concepts.


Skills & Qualifications:

  • At least 3 years of experience in building predictive models
  • Strong fundamentals in Linear Algebra and Statistics
  • Experience using Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit, and the related data stack
  • An ability to write understandable, clean, and functional (as Functional Programming) code that can be composed
  • Familiarity with probabilistic models and Bayesian statistics
  • Familiarity with deep learning and PyTorch
  • Familiarity with Spark
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests


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