Remote Full Stack Developer, Node and PHP

Location Remote (+/- 2 hours GMT)
Job Type Permanent
Salary €45,000 - €65,000
Reference 30473

A Pentasia client is on the the lookout for a full stack engineer to help work on a number of internal tools across their entire company. If you can help make our business users’ day to day lives better - then we'd like to hear from you!

Your profile should look like:

  • Minimum 3 years expertise in building web applications with varied languages and technology stacks
  • Experience in building solutions from scratch with only minimal requirements to begin with
  • A keen eye for user interfaces and an instinct for creating a good user experience
  • 2+ years writing raw SQL beyond just simple select statements
  • Familiarity with unit/integration testing
  • Good interpersonal skills and a great team attitude
  • The ability to quickly learn new things and adapt

What we'd love to see (in an ideal world):

  • Experience with browser based testing e.g. Selenium, Watir, Windmill
  • 2+ years experience with PHP and/or Java based tech. Therefore some experience of either would be great, both would be fantastic but not essential nor crucial.
  • New projects are being built with Node.js therefore this would be advantageous. 
  • Familiarity with writing business intelligence or analytics applications

Company Approach & Culture:

  • A small company, can-do ethos
  • Focus on getting stuff done, not on process or management hierarchy
  • A distributed workforce but regular communications
  • Sharing expertise and learning from others to keep improving as a team
  • A flexible working schedule
  • Self management and working autonomy, no micro management
  • Life happens, therefore there is no monitoring of checking in/out - we only ask you communicate.

The job at hand:

  • %100 Remote work
  • Approaching and working closely with people from every business function
  • Agreeing with business and technical staff on what solutions are needed
  • Providing a mixture of tools from small “glue” tools to full blown applications as required
  • Diagnosing and fixing production issues
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Not being phased by the unique variation of things that need doing in a small growing company
  • Being proactive and not just waiting to be told the next thing to do
  • Finding better ways that we can get things done
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