QA Automation Engineer (NUnit)

Location New York, NY
Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive salary & benefits
Reference 30992

Multinational Gaming Software company is looking to hire a QA Automation Engineer as a permanent addition to the team in New York. 

Key Deliverables:

· Ability to be able to run tests and analyse the results, log defects and follow department standards

· Complete relevant test documentation - Test Plan, Test cases, Test execution report, release information and sign off.

· Continuously monitors environments and report environment issues with specific details and completes trouble shooting of issues.

· Active participation on Product Refinement meetings & understanding of product requirements

· Guides and performs a variety of testing activities including sanity tests, functional, integration, regression & user acceptance testing

Detected and Tracked Defects:

· Raises issues timely and ensures all impediments are communicated as they occur & Gathers appropriate information in order to review progress and provide feedback

· Ensures all defects are addressed with all stakeholders, according to status before sign off.

· Ensures defects are retested and statuses updated

· Ensures high priority defects found early

· To be accountable for overall defect tracking and monitoring and ensures logged defects follow department Standards and naming conventions with sufficient detail.

· Ensures that there are no duplicate defect entries on the defect tracking system, when entering defects.

· Maintain a good defect detection Rate.

· Demonstrates passion by taking immediate action when confronted by an issue or made aware of a situation.

Test Documentation:

· Puts new knowledge, understanding or skill to practical and beneficial use in the accomplishment of departmental objectives

· Proactively reviews and improves, creates and innovates procedures, tools and methodologies

· Ensure knowledge share documentation is maintained and updated for new tools and features.

· Accountable for maintaining checklists and test plans continuously as requirements/acceptance criteria change.

· Sense of ownership for Quality by contributing in test process/test cases improvements & bringing up innovating ideas for procedures, tools or methodologies

Test Environment:

· Active judgement, logic and communication across teams for environment deployment/installation and issues.

· Ensures environment is available for testing and both internal and external pre-requisites for testing met.

· Follows the installation guide for successful deployment of features branches through to integration and UAT environments

· Verifies and compares final release from all previous releases to ensure all code changes (including branch merges) are included and tested.

Test Preparation & Planning:

· Able to provide constructive, diplomatic and appropriate feedback to others, and attempts to reenforce desirable behaviors

· Ensures Test data is created/available for testing.

· Mentor and assist team in Identifying test cases, priorities and agrees automated test selection Internal

· Reads release documentation and finds out all relevant information regarding the project and any external factor that may affect the project before

· Test tool/test data investigation and communication of findings if required.

· Verifies the release, ensuring all code changes are documented and traceable

· Reviews any missed/Live issues and implements improvements to ensure better future quality.

Tested Software/Test Execution:

· Guides Integration testing, Interacts and provides support between teams and Operators.

· Active participation to perform test trouble shooting, issue identification and root cause analysis

· Follows up on deployment and live testing.

· Ensures software version control is adhered to.

· Practices test case monitoring and management.

· Schedules, executes and records tests according to the test plan/checklists.

· Verifies Logs, traces and data confirmation during test execution.

Product Knowledge:

· Superior domain knowledge (SpinSport, Swix, BlueMesa, etc.)

Technical Skills:

· Know how to program in an OOP language at a Senior level (i.e. C#, JAVA).

· Problem solving to an advanced level Programming

· Understanding and application of Async Programming

· Producing clean, maintainable code and enforce it in others

· Know how to use the SOLID principles within development

· Preform code reviews to enforce clean code and coding standards; critique code for better/easier ways to solve complex problems

· Know and implement design patterns within code to make it easier to maintain and read

· Keeping code DRY and Clean

· Expanding knowledge past your area of expertise i.e. UI to API, API to UI (mobile & desktop)

· Cross functional skills e.g. comfortable doing code on Databases, UI tests or API tests and reviews across departments

· Actively introducing new or better ways of writing tests

· Actively producing tools to reduce the manual effort of repetitive tasks · Understanding and application of SQL queries


· Knowledge and application of Continuous Integration (TeamCity, Octopus) pipeline

· Good understanding and practical use of our Version Control System (GIT/SVN etc.)

· Good understanding and practical use of our automation Framework i.e. NUnit

· Actively making improvements to the testing framework

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