IT Business Application Specialist

Job Type Permanent
Salary Competitive
Reference 30160

 IT Business Applications Specialist

You will feed directly into the Head of IT. In this role you will be tasked with ascertaining governing and integrate the ERP related applications. These applications are currently being implemented. 

The main objective in the role will be to develop the operations of the business on an ongoing basis whilst safeguarding compliance among various requirements at various levels from stakeholders.

Main responsibilities: 

• You will be the focal point to the ERP client and will be tasked with integrating updates to the system, you will identify and report issues, and look after the subscription management of the system.

• You will evaluate the structure and flow of the business operations in order to recognise potential application solutions or workflows, you would be the expert for business and process analysis

• You will be the main person for functional implementation and assessing the development of the applications. 

• As the subject matter expert it will be key for you to pass that expertise down and provide training/user support. This includes creating training manuals, to ensure that knowledge of the ERP system is fair and wide across the organisation.

• You will be the user administrator; ensure the security of the systems and setting up users for the ERP, safeguarding the protection of information. 

• You’ll be responsible for ERP related clients, integrators and projects.

• You will interact with various levels of the company


Key Requirements

• To be the subject matter expert, its fair you have a minimum of 3 years experience in ERP systems and application management. Its also crucial you understand the multifunctional business processes of an ERP system. Experience with Microsoft platforms and retail sector would be ideal. 

• You have production level expertise with SaaS applications/systems and practical understanding of development, system creation, implementation, user support principles and practices.

• Its important you have knowledge of business & process analysis as well as an understanding of workflow analysis.

• You can understand and translate subject specific jargon into a broader/simpler non-technical terms

• Working knowledge of SQL database management would be beneficial

• You are a natural communicator and can express your knowledge to others clearly and concisely.

• You are familiar with project management concepts.

• You are fluent in English

• You are willing to travel

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