General Manager

Job Type Permanent
Salary Dependent On Experience
Reference 32024
Our client is a data-driven digital marketing agency that fosters creativity, encourages innovation and experimentation with a strong focus on delivering bottom-line results for a niche group of clients.

Key Responsibilities
  • Accountable for the revenue and profit generated by the client’s online business to customer products
  • Develop and grow the business and products in their existing markets
  • Present new strategic opportunities for new markets and products based on proven experience and success. Upon approval of a business case, plan and execute to deliver a new lucrative stream of revenue
  • Collaborate and report to the client’s representatives regarding the ongoing business strategy and performance of the business
  • Accountable and responsible for the management and performance of the Marketing and Operational business units
    • Marketing - Acquisition, Retention, Site Content, Game Management and Design
    • Operations – Customer Support, Key Account Management, Customer Experience, Compliance and Verification
  • Manage the relationship and account with the IT agency to deliver on projects and initiatives of interest
  • Continuously innovate and increase revenue all products whilst having focus on net profit
  • Proactively respond to market changes to optimise the operations and products in order to have continued growth
  • Developing comprehensive strategies for improving team performance, quality and output
  • Accountable for delivering product and operational targets and KPI’s
  • Ensuring synergy and consistency across all business units, department, and teams
  • Build strong client brand integrity with excellent end customer user experiences
  • Develop and build on the group HR initiatives to improve on team moral and output
  • Build strong relationships with all managers to align the overall business strategy
  • Ensure discretion and confidentiality, with robust data security and accountability maintained at all times
  • 10+ years suitable industry experience in customer facing senior management roles
  • Proven record in similar businesses and markets in multiplying the revenue and profit of the products from direct intervention and leadership
  • Developed products and structures within an operational team to enter and perform in new markets
  • Detailed understanding of all functions and duties within the Marketing and Operational units in order to develop and maximise the output of the team
  • Strong experience and working relationships with all types of 3rd party providers/suppliers that contribute to the function of the business and its products
  • Strong background in creating and implementing new business processes, procedures and
  • Managed internal staff training and development programmes
  • Successful in strategic planning and timely execution of campaigns with tight deadlines
Skills and Requirements
  • Be a strong, confident, and inspirational leader to create leaders
  • Be full of creative ideas and be able to deliver them in a timely manner in line with the overall strategy and objectives
  • Be able to deliver precise and clear communication to all levels of the business and operations
  • Need to be a self-starter, reliable and highly motivated
  • Ensure an accurate, diligent and careful approach to all tasks
  • Be highly organized, working methodically and transparently
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