Game Frontend Engineer

Location London
Job Type Permanent
Salary up to £75k
Reference 31819
Game Front-end engineer

Skills, Education and Experience

1. At least three years of front-end work experience in game industry.
2. Familiar with PixiJS, Typescript, JavaScript, Git, Greensock and NPM 3. Good at team communication and coordination skills, pressure-bearing ability and learning ability
4. Has experience in the full game development lifecycle from prototyping to porting existing games.
5. Has worked with collaborative tools such as confluence / SharePoint 6. Experience of Agile software development (Scrum / Kanban)

Main responsibilities

1. According to project requirements, discuss with product manager, game designer team to develop and realize game details
2. Communicate with server back-end engineers to design network communication protocols, etc.
3. Develop high-quality and innovative interactive online game products 4. Maintain existing interactive game products
5. Ensure documentation is kept up to date
6. Establish and maintain good software development policies and procedures
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