Game Frontend Engineer

Location London
Job Type Permanent
Salary up to £85k
Reference 31817
Game Front-end engineer

Skill & Experience?

1. At least 3 years of engineer experience
2. Have more than 1 year of development experience in game engines such as Egret, Cocos, PixiJS, etc.
3. Familiar with Html5 game development.
4. Understand animation and special effects production and the application of code.
5. Have relevant experience in using version control tools.
6. Possess good program structure ability.
7. Gaming industry experience.


1. Responsible for the requirements of related products and the realization of HTML5 front-end programs.
2. Use version control tools for version control
3. Discuss development requirements and technical implementation details with project, art and product staff.
4. Cooperate with the operation team, actively and efficiently provide technical support and implementation.
5. Ensuring codebase is properly documented
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