Game Development Manager

Location London
Job Type Permanent
Salary Depending on Experience
Reference 31806

Game Development Manager

Job Description:

  1. Game lover;
  2. Understand and master the workflow and game design knowledge for the Metaverse Blockchain Gaming product;
  3. Be familiar with all kinds of mainstream games in the market and have a complete understanding for the Metaverse Blockchain Gaming systems;
  4. Analysing the market of Metaverse Blockchain Games and the needs of users, and designing various systems and functions of Metaverse Blockchain Gaming system;
  5. Propose game ideas and implementable ideas according to market demand;
  6. Technical ability, in particular familiarisation with a range of programming languages and/or software packages;
  7. Write and maintain the specification (proposal), process design, analysis and optimization design and proposal of the Metaverse Blockchain Games;
  8. Sorting out, configuring and maintaining various resources of the games;
  9. Excellent management skills, able to communicate and coordinate with relevant internal & external parties, such as game project manager, research and development, art and product.
  10. Creative & attention to detail individual who can adjust the operation of the game ecological environment and economic system;
  11. Being proactive on game production process and project follow-up activates
  12. Be able to understand and embody the design concept of the customer or the main policy, complete the detailed design of the game, and review and test the game specifications after completion.


Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above;
  2. Metaverse Blockchain Gaming industry experience preferred;
  3. Relevant work experience More than 3 years planning experience, with successful and long-term product operation experience preferred;
  4. Understand B2B business, pay attention to the operation mode, and have a certain understanding of Metaverse Blockchain Gaming products;
  5. Strong execution, practical experience, and understanding of all details of game development work;
  6. Familiar with the development details of the system, numerical value, plot, level, script and so on;
  7. Excellent understanding and analysis skills, good communication and teamwork skills, and strong execution and pressure resistance;
  8. Deeply understand the system ecological construction of the game and understand the overall structural design of the player's interactive experience;
  9. Have a good grasp of the combination of system, gameplay and numerical delivery in structural construction, and excellent comprehensive ability;
  10. Mastering prototype tools and development process.


Work Location: England (London), Malta, Taiwan or Malaysia

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