Game Designer (Slots)

Location Tallinn, Estonia
Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive + Relocation assistance
Reference 30822

 The Game Designer works with the Studio teams consisting of a Producers, Developers, Designers, Animators, Sound Designers, and Quality Assurance with the position's primary focus being designing competitive game titles. This position is responsible for the look and feel of a game by directing the theme design, mechanics, and dynamics of our games.

Technical Outputs

Product Design and Development

  • Guide the initial prototyping, game play mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics, user experience, progress and through the game development.
  • Generate next generation game ideas and concept proposals
  • Transform conceptual ideas into fully fleshed out designs.
  • Work with Discipline Managers to drive quality and innovation in our games.
  • Constantly play the game and test new features while in development to ensure they meet the quality standards set forth by the game team to-date.
  • Work closely with all areas of the business to ensure the games built to the proper specifications.
  • Work with Producer to deliver high quality on schedule game production.
  • Conducts post-mortem analysis of games delivered to learn from both successes and mistakes in order to improve future game quality and relevance to players.
  • Understanding the role of design and animation in relation to other applicable aspects (development, QA, marketing, etc.) of the chain of business value creation

Keeps up to date with industry trends

  • Researches, studies, and plays game products to stay up to date with market trends and competition. Presents interesting findings to direct manager and stakeholders.
  • Collection and analysis of player and industry information to identify trends and design competitive games.
  • Stay up to date with gaming design trends with a focus in casino games
  • Play games. Keep your finger on the pulse of online gaming. Present interesting findings to the leadership team
  • Work with Sales to present games and collect customer feedback to meet their needs.

Facilitates development of studio brand identity

  • Always keeps in mind the continuous improvement of studio image when designing new gaming experiences
  • Conducts the necessary research to understanding game brand & cultural sensibility related to art theme


  • Is the advocate for team's game and business decisions.
  • Champions a player focused mindset and is the voice of the player.
  • Organizes brainstorming and game design review sessions before, during and after production with Producers and other relevant members of the team, to ensure that what is being delivered is relevant to the players from and objective standpoint.
  • Participate in regular status meetings with all necessary stakeholders.
  • Provide production team detailed design documentation, create flowcharts and explain game functionality in detail.
  • Develops, maintains, and produces all necessary technical documentation for each product task assigned for both internal and regulatory purposes
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