DPO and Compliance Manager

Location Malta
Job Type Permanent
Salary Competitive salary
Reference 28938

Job Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Promoting privacy by design and a culture of awareness of data protection throughout the organisation
  • Informing, advising, raising awareness and training the organisation regarding GDPR as implemented in policies and procedures
  • Carrying out privacy impact assessments
  • Developing, maintaining and implementing a data protection and privacy risk framework and processes
  • Overseeing the implementation of controls to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Liaising with the organisation to ensure that required security controls are implemented
  • Monitoring compliance with GDPR
  • Handling data subject requests such as access, amendment or deletion
  • Dealing with internal and external audits
  • Ensuring breach investigations are carried out and incidents are managed and reported to management, the IDPC and data subjects as appropriate
  • Acting as DPO in fulfilling the requirements prescribed in Article 39 of the GDPR to keep the business and customers’ data safe
  • Working with the legal & compliance team on various compliance duties including license applications, implementation of compliance requirements, supplier contracts, customer complaints and disputes, and audits
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