Director of Risk and Trading

Location Las Vegas
Job Type Permanent
Salary competitive
Reference 33120

Job Description:
The Head of Risk and Trading role will incorporate all facets of the risk and trading involved in ISI’s sports and race wagering business. This includes margin management, customer onboarding, and recruitment/training.


This is an influential management role that will work closely with other product areas. The Head of Risk and Sports Book will be the leading company expert ensuring commercial success and future growth. This position involves risk management and managing/overseeing the Trading Team. You will be responsible for providing data relating to aspects of our wagering offers and ensuring a competitive pricing policy is pursued whilst minimizing the risk to the company.


Risk Management

  1. Manage risk and liabilities across all European, U.S., and global sports including Soccer, NFL, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

  2. Monitoring customer activity and high-risk betting patterns.

  3. Liaise with the Trading team on odds, limits, liabilities, and risk.

  4. Monitoring fraudulent trends

  5. Create and issue staff schedules.

  6. Assist your Trading team with odds compilation when required.

  7. Ensure the sportsbook pricing is competitive and accurate at all times.

  8. Manage the win/loss for the company and its casino clients

  9. Work with management / CEO to develop and implement Sports Book strategies

  10. Team building, management/leadership - work as a team

  11. Commercial negotiation and relationship management with third party suppliers

Recruitment and Training

  1. Recruit staff based on the requirements of the business

  2. Develop onboarding content for the onboarding of staff

  3. Continuous training of staff to ensure the best standard is kept.

  4. Managing the training of staff on any 3rd party software involved in the business.

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