DevOps with AWS

Location Ireland, Europe
Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive salary & benefits
Reference 31573

Our client is a small but growing company that formed early in the pandemic comprising a core team with significant experience in gaming, wagering and eSports. They went public in March this year (EBET on Nasdaq) and they’re looking to grow the technology team and add more structure as they transition from start-up culture to a larger team. They are looking for a talented DevOps/system administration engineer with experience in AWS who loves doing things hands-on but could eventually provide strategic direction and lead a team.

The office is in Dublin but the job can be fully remote in Ireland. 

Their primary focus is delivering a better eSports wagering experience through better odds modelling, innovative products and a customer experience tailored for gamers. 

The tech stack is a mix of scala/python/C#/C++, mongo db/mysql using AWS. Front end dev using React.



The following is their short-term roadmap (and the list of things you will do after joining):

During the first month:

Configure and move several applications to a pre-production and/or production stage. These are small apps using a database. One month is short and some steps in the process may be manual or semi-automated. You should expect discussions about production-level attributes like security and availability (VPCs, automated/templated provisioning, multiple availability zones, etc...)

During the first three months:

Finish missing automation for the app deployment. Work with the team to build continuous integration/delivery pipelines for the application you deployed on the first month and a few other applications. Manage/test automatic backup procedures for their environments.

During the first six months:

Work with the developers to figure out the company needs. Draft the long-term strategy on the tools/implementation needed (databases, instrumentation, monitoring, alerting, distributed tracing and so on). Provide insights on the solution cost and any be the champion of the responsible resource usage.

This is their current roadmap, as with any plan, it may change. There are no specific technology requirements; you will be able to use whatever tools you know best for automation.

What they are offering::

- competitive salary (open to hear & meet your salary expectations)
- 5k work from home allowance
- stock options
- bonus
- health insurance

Next steps: if this job opportunity sounds interesting to you and you'd like to know more, please apply with your CV and I'll get in touch with you to speak of it a bit more in depth. 

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