DevOps System Administration Engineer

Job Type Permanent
Salary Attractive
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About the client

The company is developing ground-breaking and engaging wagering products for esports fans and bettors around the world. The client is one of the leading global providers of esports product, platform, and marketing solutions. The company operates a licensed online gambling platform,, that offers real money betting on esports events and professional sports from around the world in a secure environment. The company is developing esports predictive gaming technologies that allow distribution to both customers and business partner.

At the client, they are at an exciting rapid growth phase, expanding their business across multiple markets and service offerings.  They are developing their Centres of Excellence including Malta as our Marketing Centre of Excellence, Dublin Ireland and California USA as our Technology Centres of Excellence.

Role overview:

The client is a small but quickly growing start-up company. At this moment they rely on many third-party services but want to migrate or implement a lot of those functions in house. They have a development team and are looking for someone who could help them to manage the deployment and production operation of their emerging fleet of services.

We are looking for a devops/system administration engineer who loves doing things hands-on but could eventually provide strategic direction. You can work remotely or in the office in Dublin, Malta and California.

The following is our short-term roadmap (and the list of things you will do after joining):


The following list represents core duties of this role, this is not an exhaustive list.

Starting out with:-

  • Configure and move several applications to a pre-production and/or production stage. These are small apps using a database. One month is short and some steps in the process may be manual or semi-automated.
  • You should expect discussions about production-level attributes like security and availability (VPCs, automated/templated provisioning, multiple availability zones, etc...)

Expanding your responsibility to include:

  • Finish missing automation for the app deployment. Work with the team to build continuous integration/delivery pipelines for the application you deployed on the first month and a few other applications.
  • Manage/test automatic backup procedures for our environments.

Further developing your scope to incluce:

  • Work with the developers to figure out our needs.
  • Draft our long-term strategy on the tools/implementation we need (databases, instrumentation, monitoring, alerting, distributed tracing and so on).
  • Provide insights on the solution cost and any be the champion of the responsible resource usage.
  • This is our current roadmap, as with any plan, it may change.
  • You will be required and able to use whatever tools you know best for automation. However, we expect you are open to teach the rest of the team on the tools we should use.
  • You will work along a small engineering team right now.

The client does not have a formal on-call procedure or 24/7 duty coverage yet. We believe in self-healing infrastructure and our engineering team enjoys good sleep (or other personal) time, so we are ready to invest the time and effort into monitoring and automated recovery procedures. You will have a huge impact on making off-hour work unnecessary!

Some skills required to support this role:

  • Knowledge and awareness of AWS, GCP. Application stack includes Python, .NET, Java and front-end React applications
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Packages, Jira, Slack, Confluence preferable.
  • Ability to influence and positively drive change for continuous improvements.
  • Self-motivated and comfortable to work independent while also working collaboratively within teams as a positive team player.
  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders with numerous deadlines.
  • Comfortable and successful operating in fast-moving environment.
  • Creative and determined problem solver.
  • Attention to detail, flexible and dynamic.

The client welcomes and enjoys a very positive diverse working environment with every individual working as part of one team to achieve great things together. Its cutting-edge technology enables the client to achieve its desire as Best-In-Class in our industry, and best in class experience to our employees. They offer excellent career opportunities in a fair and transparent environment while constantly promoting new skill, development and growth for all our employees. They have a brilliant culture that promotes creativity, autonomy and connecting employees on a variety of projects across their expanding organisation. 

They are an Employee Centric led organisation who promotes continuous improvements across all aspects of the employee life cycle. Employee wellness and engagement form a constant focus for enhancing their employee experiences.  they offer a flexible working environment with excellent terms and conditions of employment. 

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