Data Tech Lead - Remote

Location Europe
Job Type Permanent
Salary Very Competitive
Reference 31829

Our client, an online casino technology and services company, is hiring an experienced Data Tech Lead to join their team on a remote basis. The client has a small company “can do” attitude, focusing on getting stuff done. They have a remote set up with regular communication and a flexible working schedule.


At the moment the client is doing a considerable amount with their data: streaming it between services, pushing and pulling it to/from a variety of external systems & generating reports for all sorts of things from it. However, there is scope to do much more!


The Data Tech Lead will work closely with a product specialist and have considerable autonomy to drive the technical direction, while still being one of the hands on developers. You will have a small but growing technical team to help you deliver on the vision. You will be reporting directly to and working closely with the CTO and will have considerable input across the client’s entire technical portfolio.



  • Help the client stream their events between all internal systems
  • Make decisions on how the client will store, process, and provide access to data for a variety of analytics/reporting & other use cases
  • Lead design of what the data schema should be and how we evolve it to meet internal, client and regulatory needs
  • Decide how the client would best provide access to and use data across a variety of different teams including customer intelligence, fraud, and marketing
  • Oversee and help grow out the data science team


Skills & Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in at least one JVM based language
  • Significant experience in a variety of different ways of using data including event streaming, data warehouses/lakes, analytics & BI tools
  • Comfort working in a hybrid environment with a mixture of batch and real-time data processes
  • A good working knowledge of at least some of the analytical and visualization tools on the market
  • Excellent numerical/analytical skills
  • Good collaborative skills and a willingness to work alongside product management to evolve a shared vision
  • A readiness to help drive the technical direction for a team of experienced developers
  • Experience working with other senior technical people dealing with different aspects of a large software system


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