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At Pentasia, we specialise in the placement of leading talent into the Interactive Gaming, Entertainment and Digital Industries. That’s what we do. It’s a simple proposition but one that we have spent the last fifteen years refining to ensure it’s unbeatable.

Our Core Services

Permanent Recruitment

Staffing gaps are a costly and disruptive problem for any business while filling them can be stressful and labour intensive. You’ll be looking for someone with a specific set of skills, the right experience and the ability to fit seamlessly into your culture. Each day without them is another where performance is lost.

That is where Pentasia comes in. As a specialist recruiter, we have developed a range of solutions to provide you with the right people for your business in the most timely and cost effective way.

Our team will pair you with a consultant who has the industry skills and expertise to understand your business requirements inside out. They will be equipped with the specialist sector knowledge and contact network to zero in on the right individuals quickly. They will then work closely with you to ensure things run smoothly throughout.

You consultant will continue to liaise with you post placement to gain greater insight and nurture a closer client relationship. In that way, an environment is created where trust and understanding are endemic and placements become the outcome rather than the means. That’s what a true partnership is all about. To find out more on our permanent recruitment solutions contact us today.

Contract Recruitment

There will be times when you are looking for the flexibility of hiring skilled individuals on a temporary basis without  the inherent responsibilities associated with long-term direct employment. That’s when our contract recruitment solution comes into play.

We possess an extensive pool of contract talent comprised of professional freelancers. When you engage with us, we will quickly identify the most suitable individual. We will then assign them to your organisation to begin work as soon as you are ready. We are also able to mobilise teams of contractors to deliver on more complex digital projects as and when the requirement dictates.

All contract assignments are subject to agreed deliverables, milestone measurements, and time-scales and we retain the services of the contractor throughout the duration of the placement.

This makes this solution an ideal way of quickly engaging specialist skill-sets and services on a temporary basis in order to achieve immediate results.

To find out more on our contract recruitment solutions contact us today.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search solution is a highly targeted service that is most effective in circumstances where confidentiality is a complete prerequisite, the placement is an urgent priority or where there is likely to be a very limited talent pool.

Those individuals who are suitable are most likely to be top who are highly sought after and who are unlikely to be actively looking for a new opportunity.

When commencing a search assignment we work in partnership with you to identify the sector's top talent before approaching them directly in order to attract them to the specific opportunity on offer. We then screen, reference and interview the selection in person before presenting only the most suitable for client assessment.

Each candidate shortlisted remains exclusive to the assignment and is not represented anywhere else by us until its conclusion. The entire process is documented throughout with regular reporting and managed according to pre-agreed timelines.

Due to their confidential nature, we are unable to release any details of completed assignments into the public domain. However, we are happy to provide details on a one to one basis should you require them.

To find out more on our executive search solution contact us today.

Bespoke Projects

As well as engaging with clients on a project by project basis, we are able to offer long-term, bespoke client service agreements. Employing a degree of supplier exclusivity, these agreements encompass a service model that is specifically tailored around your individual requirements and recruitment practices.

By entering into such an agreement your business will benefit from:

  • A service model unique to your business
  • A dedicated team of consultants completely in tune with your business and its needs
  • Flexible fee structures and payment plans
  • Proactive advertising of your business on an ongoing basis

As the name would suggest, each one of our bespoke recruitment agreements is unique. In order to hear more on how a solution could be tailored specifically to your businesses needs contact us today.