Multilingual Jobs In iGaming

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Discover Incredible Multilingual Job Opportunities In iGaming

The online gaming industry is growing fast and it’s creating thousands of new jobs and exciting career opportunities in gaming, sportsbook and beyond. We are hiring people with language skills, with fluency in English along with another language.

We have marketing, management, affiliate, compliance, customer support and many more roles for speakers of many languages.

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We’re Hiring: Multilingual professionals

We work with established and fast-growing iGaming employers across the world. Key criteria for iGaming jobs include:

  • An interest in gaming, sports and the betting industry

  • Language skills. English proficiency, along with another language

  • Desire to advance in a multilingual career path

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Why A Career In iGaming?

​Getting a tech job in iGaming is the first step to a journey that could last a lifetime. Professionals with language skills, who enter this thriving sector enjoy a challenging, well-funded, creative and community-spirited industry that rewards talent.

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iGaming Career Guide

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